Saturday, October 3, 2009


So I've been taking some time off, from all of this blogging business. Truthfully, from everything.

Two weeks of Vacationing is no joke. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. That -ish is exhausting!

All the same, we are home now and we're settling into a daily routine. Which is nice. Although, we're getting used to things,and life; changes are in our future:

1. Kevin is back on the grind; pursuing the WO business. If you all remember about 4 months back I was blogging about Kevin's travels to Balad for his flight physical, putting together his WO packet, ect.. Well, now that he's returned home they have to start the flight physical over, from scratch so that it can be handled (start-to-finish) by the same doc and everything is in order.

So, the possibility of moving is in our future again. We are going to be working together to get his packet submitted by the November deadline!

2. I have an interview, actually a group interview on Monday for World Market. Whoopty-doo! The silver lining: our bills will get paid!

In other news, I've got the sickness! :( Yummy, flemmy-cough, maybe a fever (I don't have a thermometer), headache and generally pretty miserable. Bleh! I'm going to go rest some more.


high heels said...

Has anyone ever told you about my love for world market. all kinds of yumminess.

Steph said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Paula said...

Hope you get feeling better real soon. I love the World Market here in San Diego. It has such cool stuff especially over the holidays! and the prices are reasonable.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Good luck with the interview!