Friday, July 17, 2009


Was kind of a cluster (you know what). Originally my mother bought 4 tickets to the Keith Urban/Sugarland concert; 1 for her, 1 for me, 1 for my sister, and the last for my Aunt. Well, my Aunt decided she didn't want to go and up until Tuesday my sister was going. Sadly, Nathan was getting sick and being a real grouch, so she decided to pass and I invited Kaitlyn. She had told me how jealous she was that I was getting to go to this concert. So, it wound up being me, my momma, Kaitlyn and Cindy (my mom's hair dresser). We left really early for a 730 show, but after we hit some traffic got some dinner and found our seats we had about 30 minutes to kill... not too bad. Sugarland opened up, but I think they had a longer set than most opening acts. They were so good and Jennifer was so entertaining and funny- aside from her singing talent. But I didn't get any pictures of her. In fact if you all remember Brody ate my camera so I'm still camera-less. I did get a few pictures of Keith Urban on my Blackberry... like a complete a-hole I forgot I had the damn thing during Sugarland. =(

Keith Urban on the other hand... while he is pretty to look at, he wasn't so great- honestly it was very disappointing. I knew only 2 of his songs and one of them was as we were walking out. We didn't stay the entire time. That also had to do with the drunken broads next to me who were screaming nonsense (not regular concert singing- more along the lines of belligerent-drunken-ness), dancing and bumping into EVERYONE around them, CONSTANTLY coming and going because they had to pee; Beer often has that effect on people. DUH.

Another journey back to Denver. This time it was the Fillmore Auditorium versus the Pepsi Center and for 3 Doors Down and Miss Kaitlyn's birthday!! =) Actually, Wednesday was Kaitlyn and her husband's wedding anniversary. We had a very busy two days... ha ha. Well we stopped for yummy dinner at Chili's, where I thankfully got my second wind! Then made our way downtown to the Fillmore, found parking and ventured inside. Three doors down was sooooo good! They completely rocked and we had a great time. The only downer was that the concert was general admission so there was lots of heat, bumping into other peeps, and well the fact that it was a rock concert means there was pot smoking. Ugh! Just before 3Doors Down came on this tall-ass and his female friend elbowed their way right in front of me! GRRR... he was easily 6'5", yeah, I'm all of 5'4 3/4" can't forget the 3/4's people that's VERY important! The band takes the stage and I catch a whiff of the pot... GREEEAT right? Well I look over and the Ginormous man was smoking on his pot. What an ass! but thankfully he left soon.

Now to the good part: at one point everyone about two feet away was on the floor with their cell phone pointing toward the floor, obviously looking for something... I lean over to the very nice blond lady who filled in after the tall-pot-smoking man left and ask her what's going on. She said that they were all looking for a guitar pick and just then the stage lights came up and I look over to see the pick on the ground! I reached down and grabbed it in a very nonchalant fashion and stuck that lil' treasure right in my bra! That's right... it's the safest place I could think of! ha ha

If you aren't familiar they sing "Citizen Soldier" and "Here Without You"... they made big shout outs to the military and we went all buck-wild crazy. Its always really nice when the people who fight and their amazing families get some recognition. =)So Kaitlyn and I had a fantastic time at 3 Doors Down for her Birthday- a big thanks to her hubby for buying the tickets.

Sorry for the lack of pictures people. But they are coming soon. Kaitlyn will be emailing me hers soon and then I'll get them up!


High Heels & Combat Boots said...

I heart Sugarland!! You should have taken me!!!

lola said...

Those concerts sound like fun minus the pot smoker and the drunk chicks! :)

jenn said...



Lauren B. said...

omg soo fun! i saw 3 doors down several years ago, but that was before they were so popular!

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sugarland!!! Can't wait to see these pics of your's...And oh, what is Colorado, some kind of concert central hangout? It seems like every other week your going to some big concert and I am totally jealous! Lol...Glad you got the pic girl:)

Jacylann Nix said...

I <3 sugarland! cant wait to see pics !

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I love sugarland!! So jealous! Glad you had a great time and way to grab that pick at 3 doors down!