Thursday, July 16, 2009

OH the drama...

Dear Anonymous:
First, don't harass my followers on my blog. I would prefer you not harass them at all but really if you have something to say to Crazy Shenanigans that address her personally. My blog is not an outlet for you to spout your nastiness.
Second, this is my blog and it's a place for me to discuss whatever the hell that I want. If I happen to tell the world about how fast paint (actually) does dry than that's my choice. Funny how I have almost 50 followers with how boring and pathetic my life is.
Third, I ask you again: Introduce yourself. It's rather cowardly to hide.
Fourth, I'm not sure why you were so passive if your initial comment or why you're surprised that it inspired the reaction it did in others. We're all allowed to disagree... but really if you don't have anything constructive to say, just keep your mouth shut.
Finally, please keep the nonsense and drama in your local high school, where it belongs. Thankfully, my life has progressed passed these types if immature games. I am a grown up and if you can't at least pretend to be and come to my blog to be supportive than just stay away.
PS: As always, opposing view points are welcomed but please be respectful of others. Also, my blog is basically a very public diary about the happenings of my life. If you don't like it or don't find it amusing or entertaining enough than no one is forcing you to come back and read it. I enjoy blogging and sharing news that has baring on my life (hence the "Smoking Ban" post)... but again, if you aren't interested just keep going. Don't stop to say something nasty and keep going. No "Hit n Runs" please.


Drama-oh-drama... please go away. I truly have bigger fish to fry and prefer to concentrate on the better and happier things in my life. Such as: the return of my husband, approximately ONE month from today my hubs will be home!!
Tomorrow I will post with pictures and updates from the concerts. =) until then, I hope you're all having fantastic weeks.


Mrs. G.I Joe said...

WOW! Is all I can say about Annon...This is totally your blog and any opinions or views you have are okay to post, because its your blog! I thought it was very sweet of Kevin to hop on here and defend you like that:) WOO HOO for one month left! I cannot wait to see the coming home pictures:p

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Oh well...I don't let the little people get me down. I read their comment back at my FULL TIME GOVERNMENT JOB (which they claim we have none), oh well.....they come and they go. Don't worry.

Yay for only 1 month!!!

Erin said...

Good for you!