Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My hubby said....

Yesterday we were video chatting on AIM, which works a 1000 times better than Yahoo Messenger. Anywho... I was complaining that our internet wasn't working. There is no problem connecting to the router, evidently the router wasn't liking Qwest. So I resorted to stealing Nikki's internet (my AF homie, from across the street that is currently deployed to Baghdad). Once I got a secure connection to Nikki's internet and was speaking with Kevin, complaining about the internet connection he says to me:
"Babe, I am close enough to coming home that I can deal with it when I get home."
I love this! I meant to blog about it when it happened but as I said in my last post I was sort of out of the blog thing for a few days.

So the countdown is on people. I can't start the countdown from when they leave... that just made it feel like it was going by so slow. But now... it's ON!!! T-minus 46 Days and COUNTING!! WOOO :) Well give or take. ha haaa nothing is ever set in stone.

Does it make me uncouth to be blogging and semi-excited about this right now, today of all days, when Levi shipped out??


Lauren B. said...

ahhhh i am so jealous! see, i wish aaron could've said that about the broken a/c (even though i wouldn't have waited 46 days for it to get fixed lol, but it would've still been nice if he COULD say it!)

can't wait for dinner tomorrow!

Paula said...

let me know as soon as you know the dste for kev's return we want to be there