Saturday, May 30, 2009


So my last post I bragged about my fantastically-amazing package I have for Kevin, and a few of you asked what was in there so here's the details:

1 Bag White Cheddar Popcorn (this is a favorite of Kevin's, I however think it smells like dirty feet!)

1 Bag Munchies (from Doritos)

2 Packages of Biscoff cookies (Kevin and I had these on a flight coming or going from Portland and they are yummy, and no chocolate or anything so they won't be melting either HA HA)

3 Word find Books (I figured this is a mindless/relaxing way to pass the time. And it's good for the plane/airport trip home)

1 Box HOSTESS Streusel Cakes

1 Container of Koolaid (which I had to dump into a ziploc bag because the jar wouldn't fit in the box)

2 Boxes of Power Edge mix in packets for water. (Kev like Monsters but I keep telling him they are bad for him so this is a good alternative)

1 Box CRUNCH N MUNCH (another favorite)

1 Box Dunk 'ems (Awesome Oreo flavor)-- I figured if these melted at least they are packaged individually.

1 Variety pack of Teddy Grahams.

And last but not least: 1 travel size bottle of mouth wash -- again thinking ahead for redeployment. Those 2+ days spent in airports/on planes tend to make for one stinky husband! =)

I also just sent a package last week with Pretzels, goldfish (another favorite), tortilla chips and queso, along with a HUGE back of stinky-feet popcorn. I think there were other things but lord help me if I can't remember what they were. Since it is extra hot over there now these are the kinds of things I have to come up with now- I was impressed with myself though so don't knock my package ladies! tee hee


lola said...

Can you send me one of these packages!?!? hahah. I am massively PMS-ing and lusting *EVERYTHING* you have put in there. Well, maybe not the koolaid, but close enough. :) I'm sure he'll be SO excited for it!

Alison said...

Sam's favorite snack I ever sent him was a box of graham crackers with a jar of peanut butter, a squeeze bottle of jelly, and a tub of chocolate Nutella...he also said please don't ever send it again unless I wanted him to come home with the back split out of his pants :-) Good idea with the power drink!!!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

That sounds like a great box full of nothing but his fav's. I'm sure he'll be so excited to get it!