Friday, May 29, 2009

Laaaa De Daaa De Daaa

FIRST: I think I put together the most fantastic care package EVER today! =) Which is extra funny because I sent Kevin two packages just two days ago... but I felt like I owed him some more goodies.

SECOND: I think I've figured out why more seasoned Army wives dislike the FRG. I have been a POC for a few months now... and I have been encouraging my friend Kaitlyn to stick with it, continue going to meetings and participating. Which at this point sounds like the punchline to a bad joke... I can't seem to encourage myself to stick with it. Basically I think it is just this troop. When Kevin was in Alpha troop that FRG rocked. This troop- not so much. It's not for lack of trying on the leader's part either. I really feel for her, she does put a lot of energy into this. Either way I'm thinking my time with the FRG is coming to an end. Why? Well I am not a babysitter and I do not take kindly to being attacked by random females. One of the wives I am responsible for contacting sent me an email stating how she hasn't ever been contacted by the FRG and is extremely frustrated. So kindly reminded her of our first conversation to let her know that she has infact been contacted and informed of meetings ect... I also apologized for any misunderstandings. Well at this point she threw a hissy fit. "OIY" that is all I can really come up with. Why do grown folks have to act like children? I for a fact this specific individual is the mother of four- FOUR KIDS! I'm not sure how she manages this when she can't even keep track of emails she's received.

We'll see what comes next people. Hope all is well.


lola said...

Yay for fantastic care packages! What did you put in it -- anything super special?

I'm not really active with the FRG. I don't know if they're more active up at the post and I'm just missing out because I'm not there or the only thing they ever send out are the red messages..? I don't feel that I need too much though, you know?

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I'm glad you made an awesome package!!!!! I'm with Lola, what did you put in there??

I'm not a part of the FRG. Since Matt and I aren't married they won't even come near me. I've met some of the women who take part in it and they've always been nice to me because they know who I am but obviously I can't go to their meetings.....

Lauren B. said...

I HATE the FRG!!!! Always have. Always will.

Paula said...

I don't even know what FRG is....and i also sent Kev two packages yesterday
hope you have a good weekend
love you