Sunday, May 31, 2009


Is it just me or does being a grown-up really suck??? BOO! >-p on you Grown-Up-Ness! Lately Kevin and I have basically accepted the fact that a vacation when he comes home really is not in the cards for us (when he gets home). =( Sadly this job market isn't helping us out at all! Well this is right in the forefront of my mind tonight because my entire family is going back to Jersey this summer and they were discussing plans tonight at my mother's. Taking Kevin to Jersey is something that I have really wanted to do, and it's something that I sort of have to do when someone other than my Gramma will be around (hence my mother, or aunt). I've been there too many times to count but not enough as an adult to figure out how to get myself from point A to point B. Not to mention merging onto the highway (in Jersey) causes me heart palpitations! It's seriously one of the most frightening things I've ever done in all my life! tee hee

You'll remember a few weeks ago I posted about whether or not to vacation at all and asked for your opinions. So tonight after listening to my family go back and forth on their plans and them telling me how much Gramma wants to meet Kevin and how her and Grandpa really aren't doing that well, ect ect ect. I came home and priced some things out and this is when I came to the conclusion that we could go but it would be seriously irresponsible. Hotel for 2 nights, plus airfare, plus some spending money, chipping in for the rental car and maybe some gas money it really would be hard for us. All of this is why being a grown up completely, without a doubt SUCKS!

Sorry hubs... we'll just vacation at home with a little picnic in the living room. =(

OOO.. yes I just about forgot to mention the timing of all of this. Buying tickets and committing to going (getting granny's hopes up) and what if they don't get home when they are expecting to? What if block leave doesn't start in time for this trip? Grrrrr. Today is a day that I am wishing life was easier- simpler; and that I was six-years-old still- again.


Mrs. G.I Joe said...

There are days where I miss being a kid again for that exact reason! You really don't apprecite it when your that young until you finally get (here)...Sorry that your vacation isn't going to work out:( Is there anyway you could do something there? Even if it means driving somewhere for the day?

Teresa said...

I miss the days of lunch money that is for sure lol. I feel your pain though we cant afford to take a vacation at the endof this deployment for the two of us AND come home to see everyone. It isnt in the cards for us either and it sucks that some times people dont understand the military IS NOT made of money. Head up! :)

lola said...

I feel you on this.. it's tough saving for the things that we want in the future (a home of some sort, etc etc) and for retirement and still have money to do things.

Gotta love the unexpectedness of the Army too -- I want to wait to buy plane tickets for R&R, but if we wait it will be more expensive, but what if he's not home yet and we have to pay change fees.. argh!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Yes, being a grown up really does suck. I don't think there's anything cool about it once you turn the age 21 and can legally drink. Besides that sucks.....

Dont worry you'll find a job soon! It'll be something you LOVE!

Megan said...

Being grown can suck at times. :( I'm sure you guys will have fun even if you vacation at home.

Thanks for your opinion on the dress! I'm leaning towards the first one as well, not only because it's pretty but it's $100 cheaper then the other one. haha. I started tanning to try and prevent looking "washed-out" because no matter what color I wear it always happens. :)