Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bye-Bye Pity Party...

Yesterday was a pretty miserable day! I woke up just feeling like absolute crappola about not having a job, not being able to take a vacation with Kevin returns, and most importantly being extra nervous about paying our bills after all the extra cash stops, when Kevin gets home. Well unfortunately my hubs was not able to say the right thing (because truly and honestly there was no fixing my mood and whatever he said would probably have made it worse) which only added to my pity party. Then my foul mood spilled onto Kevin and basically ruined his day. Already being in a piss-poor mood I wasn't really wanting to deal with Kevin throwing himself a pity party at the same time as mine. There is only room for one at a time people!!! Maybe he didn't get that memo. tee hee Well, I'm sure he now knows. Basically yesterday was just crap. I still applied for countless jobs though. Than this morning I was woken up by a call from "something Maintenance" offering me an interview for tomorrow am! =) Woo hoo. Unfortunately I have been applying for so many jobs with so many different companies I have absolutely no idea what this interview is for; what position I mean. Time will tell. Positive thoughts please... and fingers crossed!!!

Am I the only one who's crapping my pants about the situation in North Korea?? This guy is a complete nut-job but he scares the ever-livin' out of me. Anyone else? If you have been under a rock or simply avoid the news... here is a quick recap of the nonsense taking place.

Also... I found this hilarious! Please someone tell me when Dick Cheney is going to go away??? Really you had your shot- the Bush administration had the lowest approval rating in the history of approval ratings when they left office. Take a hint: Shut your mouth. You're either annoying or digging an even bigger/deeper hole for last administration. Quick question: Does anyone out there know (without a doubt) why we've invaded two countries in the middle east? At this point I'm beyond confused.. WMD- no. Saddam is a very mean man and gassed the Kurds- he was executed just a lil' while ago...(still confused). 9-11 (thanks to Dick Cheney's delayed confession) and the 9-11 Commission we now know that was wrong? Yes, I am blogging about this in my always sarcastic tone because hell, how long does this have to continue? I am however, onboard with the whole we broke it so we can't just jump out of the country(s) in haste. Have to build up some sort of infrastructure. I often find Repub's response to this question (after ump-teen years) is that it no longer matters why we went but we're committed now. I disagree. I'd like to know... So if anyone can shine some light on this subject I'd greatly appreciate your knowledge.

On the other hand: just because I don't get the purpose for the wars (at this point, nor have I ever really understood it) this does not mean I do not support my hubs and his colleagues! From a military standpoint the political reasons (excuses) for prompting war/invasions are more or less irrelevant. You do what you're told. You go where you're told, when you're told. Even more heroic, in my eyes.

Thanks for reading. =) Hope we learned something new today. I'm hoping to.


Paula said...

Good Luck on your job interview. Seems like something turns up when it is supposed to. As far as pity parties...we've all had one and they are one party that we are glad when it is over..glad to hear it sounds like you are having a better day....but remember things have s way of working out. Keep your chin up and take things in little steps, I find if I take all my problems in one dose, they sdeem overwhelming, but taken in little bited they sre managable..just a thought
love you

lola said...

Hahah, good luck with the job interview for the mystery position! :P

Oh, and if it's at all reassuring, one of my Navy friends is stationed in South Korea, and he's announced regularly on Facebook that everyone needs to calm down. If he's that close and not scared, then I think I might survive. Then again, it seems like they might be more interested in destroying the US rather than S. Korea. Shit. hahah.

As far as the whole Cheney/Obama/war/interrogation debate goes, I think Al Gore said it best -- "I waited two years after I left office to make statements that were critical."

liberal army wife said...

I'm crossing my fingers for the job! as for Deadeye Dick - he has to speak up, his ventriloquist dummy went back to Crawford.


Alison said...

Good luck on your interview! "Smile a lot and sit up straight," is what my mom always told me :-)

Teresa said...

We all have those days and no matter what our other half says it just isnt going to make it better lol.

N. Korea scares me too...lots.

Good luck on the job hunt!