Thursday, September 1, 2011


Somethings have been making me very sad for about a week. I had this very good friend during middle and high school. Her name was Erin. She was my best friend. In high school we drifted slightly we both extended our group of friends-- separately. Anyway the summer after graduation I made one nasty, and admittedly unnecessary comment to her about her new set of friends. I don't remember specifically what I said but it was ugly of me. I called her multiple times to apologize and smooth things over. However, she literally never spoke to me again. I even called her while my parents were splitting up. I left her a message and told her about my parents and said I really would like to catch up with her. Nothing. No response. (me=sad). I requested her on Facebook about a year ago, on a whim. She accepted but clearly had no interest in rekindling our friendship. She didn't comment on my status when I moved to Germany, she didn't care enough to say anything when Kevin deployed.

Well, here's why I'm sad. She got married last Friday. I just keep thinking that I don't get why if we were such good friends she would write me off FOR-EV-VER because I said one nasty thing. I have good friends and sometimes I say not nice things to them and vice versa but you call them on it and move on- turn the page you know? I just felt like I should have been there, at her wedding.
Another situation making me sad: my other friend Kaitlyn got some very bad news at her ultrasound last week. She'll have twin girls Dec/January. However, tragically one of the babies has a genetic syndrome which is fatal. Prayers are very much appreciated.

Don't forget to count your blessings!!


Radiant Readhead said...

this very thing happened to me minus one thing...i don't knowA WHAT I did to make her stop talking to me! she was one of my best friends through highschool, we hung out at least 2 times a month through college even though our colleges were an hour away, and then POOF! she graduated and never spoke to me again. I tried everything you did and got no resoning to why she was ignoring still eats at me....6 years later!!! lol...sometimes i think we need to just let go...but when you figure out how, will you let me know:-)

redheadchick said...

I had a friend that did something similar to me a few years ago after I made a stupid comment. Fortunately she took me back and I am so grateful. I'd say you've done everything you can to rekindle your friendship and she still chose not to take you back then you've done what you could and she's lost a very good friend in the process. We all make mistakes but we can all forgive too. Prayers for the twins. :(

SR2 RS Paula Rockwood said...

so ssd to hear about your friends baby, our prayers are with her. As for your friend Erin, sometimes things happen we don't understand. I think there is more going on than just one nasty comment. It sounds like there is something going on with her that has nothing to do with you. Let's just feel sorry for her for losing such a good friend as you and hope the best for her. If this is how she is going through life, then you won't be the only friend she will lose. Life is way too short to carry around grudges. I live by the philophsy (sp) that no matter how close you are with someone, there will come a time that they or I will say something to offend. Just knowing that it WILL happen, makes it easier to handle it when it does.People need to remember that they need to use the "judgement stick", it will be the same stick people will use with them. Put the stick away!

Lin said...

I dont know why she would just write you off because of one little thing tha happened several years ago. That's totally strange considering as we grow older we tend to let that little stuff go. I dont want to sound mean or snarky but maybe this girl just didnt grow up enough to let it go & realize you're all adults now. Sometimes some friendships just aren't meant to be, I'm sorry.

I'm also really sorry about your friends babies. They're in my prayers.

Jessa said...

My best friend wrote me off completely a few months back. Apparently one joke and a LOL as a reply to a comment made 26 years of friendship not worth. Then she turned it around and said I made some decision to end things between us. So I can relate. I'm sorry you haven't been able to rekindle your friendship. In my circumstance I have no interest in doing it despite how much it hurts.

Healthy Branscoms said...

Sorry to hear about your friend. Not all Erin's are bad. :) I will be nice. My name is Erin too. :) I will be praying for your friend! :)