Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 175: On my mind

R&R is just around the corner. I'm super excited to actually be able to go to the airport and pick Kevin up. Last time he surprised me so I didn't get this experience. I have yet to anxiously wait in the airport for my soldier. (not to say that I haven't anxiously waited for his return in with other spouses and family members at redeployment ceremony, or just in general terms..) Nevertheless, I am looking forward to having that moment.

I am so excited to see Kevin! (yea, yea, I know I already said that) But this excitement got me to thinking. I was thinking about how much trouble reintegration is. I was thinking about the struggles we faced after last deployment. I've been thinking about other people I know who battle through reintegration, shutting down that battle field mentality and the problems it causes and of course the monster, PTSD. For the record, soldiers and marriages can face a number of problems throughout reintegration without PTSD, seen it, lived it. People often just assume problems and distance between them and their soldier is automatically PTSD. Just saying- for the record is all. My point is that R&R is often so easy, peaceful and amazing.

Why doesn't R&R have the same struggles as post-deployment reintegration?

Don't get me wrong I get 15 days- that's it. People only got 15 days out of 15 months; 15 days out of 12 months, ect ect. I am thankful that my 15 days will be enjoyable. I was just simply, "thinking"; just wondering why the experiences are so different?


Kate said...

I thought about this when hubby came back from his training that turned out to be 7 months - felt like a deployment without the danger (separation, very little communication). Anyway, we only had 12 days together before I had to move to our new state for school, and it was incredible. I was trying to be ready for reintegration problems but we really didn't have any. I think knowing the new situation was so short possibly made me let go of more things - I didn't worry about the mess in the house, or about other habits and patterns, because I knew soon enough we'd be apart again. That's really the main thought I can think of in response to your post, but I do think I may know what you mean!

TASS said...

I am excited he will finally be home! Make him eat at least one rice crispy treat ;)