Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Want it Wednesday...

It's been so long since the last installment of I want it... nevertheless, I'm back to let you know what my lil ol' heart wants:

I want... my tendinitis to go away. It hurts, BAD today people. From what I've read there isn't much to be done for it than ice, resting it and NSAIDs.

I want... a steam mop. I'm so domestic it's lame.

I want... to figure out our plans for New Years Eve: London? Paris? London...? Paris...? So many choices.

I want... to know some people that aren't pregnant. Seriously I spend more time on Etsy looking up Monogramed burp cloths than any baby-less person should- it's ridiculous.

I want... the next month to FLY by. I say that now because I cannot wait for R&R. But the next month will slug by then Kevin will get here (God willing- R&R is currently on the fence. 80/20% we will get it but never know with the Army) and those next 15 days will fly by. It's strange it feels like I only arrived back in Colorado 30 days ago but it was in fact 5 months ago. Holy Moly.

I want... to sit in my couch and watch cheesy Christmas movies. All. Day. I'm corny like that. It's August and I want Christmas movies. Who's down?

What do you want?


KelleeLyn said...

#1- I vote Paris
#2- I'm not having a baby! (and I feel the same as you sometimes like everyone is preggo)
#3- Christmas movies in August, Yes please!
#4- I really hope you get R&R!

Lin said...

I'm all for watching christmas movies during summer!

And I'll keep my fingers crossed that the next month will fly right by for you :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Christmas movies!?! Heck yes!

TASS said...

I have so many Christmas movies for us when you visit!!!!!! Lots of 2am recipes as well :) Love you! OH AND PARIS!

TASS said...

Oh and one more thing.....WTF- is Etsy? I never make you look up anything baby related! I am still not sure I really am even pregnant! LOL I will probaly finally believe it at my next appointment (16 weeks)

The Doll said...

I just ordered a steam mop today! http://1saleaday.com/family/?CID=173476&AFID=177759
Has them on sale for $29.99 today only if you are interested.