Saturday, July 30, 2011


If you're not feeling like you're in the mood for gripes today than forego this post:

Gripe #2: Richard Spencer, former Marine Corp pilot. You may be wondering why Sam's upset with Mr. Spencer. Well here's why. Mr. Spencer told ArmyTimes that the current retirement system is "unfair, unaffordable and inflexible." Mr. Spencer led a DoD panel recommending a "corporate-style 401(k)" retirement plan versus the current pension based plan. Please visit the ArmyTimes story here to see how this would effect your soldier, their retirement and your future.

Removing the 50% retirement, which lets face it, isn't that great for us enlisted folk considering it's based off base pay only and averaged off of  rank held the last 3 years of service is unfair Mr. Spencer. The majority of career (at least 20 year) soldiers I know today are planning to stay in based on the retirement benefit. To remove or drastically diminish that option because you couldn't hang in for 20 years is unfair. You, Mr. Spencer had the same options as those who chose to stay in and earn the retirement and chose not to. The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) is available to today's military. Invest in it and press on with your life. Don't take away from those who earned more than you based on their service.

One portion of Mr. Spencer's plan I actually agree with is the options to "increase contributions to give more money to troops who deploy frequently, accept hardship assignments or serve in high-demand jobs."

Gripe #2: People who act superior to others. Guess what you're no better than me and vice versa. Wise up.

Gripe #3: People who act like the Army is beneath them. Get over yourself. It's honorable and involves more sacrifice than most other careers.

Gripe #4: Carbs. I love them. They are my arch nemesis.

Gripe #5: Family. At the end of the day Family is life's greatest blessing-- bottom line. However, sometimes they are a burden. Don't lie, you know it's true. Whether you're pressured to show up very Sunday for a 6 hour Dinner at Gramma's or constantly loaning a long lost cousin money or racing to beat your siblings to the best baby names... sometimes it's just easier to throw your hands up.

Let me reiterate I'm simply frustrated I'd never turn my back on any member of my family.

Gripe #6: Disrespectful people. Check it:

Well, there's my Friday afternoon gripes.

Something bugging you today? Where do you stand on the retirement debate?

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Lin said...

Preach it girl! I'm totally with you on #5 & #6.