Thursday, July 28, 2011


First off, I no longer feel craptastic (per my last post). It took about a day and lots of water and I finally was feeling like myself.

I wrote on Facebook: "Being a grow up sucks.. Especially when all your grown up business is 6000 miles away!" 

Well it does. In case you guys don't know it's especially hard to handle the random things that come up in life when they aren't around the corner or available to you via mail or the telephone. Stuff happens, things fall into our laps that we have to manage and deal with and sort out... I feel like that's the definition of "being a grown up." 

Here's what happened: I was contacted by the lien holder for our car (in Germany) that they needed our proof of insurance (actually they said since our insurance lapsed they had added their own insurance to our account, which is expensive). In fact our vehicle is covered lest the proof of that lies in Germany -- out of my reach. The lien holder said they tried to contact us via mail... oh but they've been sending mail to our Colorado address (you know, where we no longer reside). The whole thing has been beyond frustrating! So, I got myself a handy dandy phone card and tried to call my German insurance company they don't answer. Anyone in Germany or about to PCS there should know that the Germans are great people... truly they are. BUT they work on their own time. So I've had no luck getting them to answer the phone.

A sweet, sweet friend I made in my short time in Germany responded to my status and said that she'd be back in Baumholder on the 15th and could go by the place for me. At this point I have no other option but to accept her offer. I just feel humbled by it. We haven't been friends that long and she offered to pick me up from the air port when I fly back to Germany. I sent her the key to my apartment because when you're gone for an extended period of time Rear D likes someone to have access to your house and she took it upon herself to go by every so often and open the windows for me and clear anything out of the fridge that wouldn't make it 6 months. So I feel craptastic about accepting her help with anything else!! She's done enough. :( Beyond that I sorta just feel like I've failed in someway because I'm unable (as a product of my choice to stay in the states) to take care of this crapolla on my own.

Pride comes before the fall right?

Gotta put my pride aside sometimes and accept that I cannot do everything and that everyone needs help now and again.


Erin said...

As you know, I can completely understand this feeling. You and I are a lot a like in that we like being able to do everything on our own and it is hard for us to accept or ask for help. You have helped others so much, that you deserve to have it returned to you!

KelleeLyn said...

While this situation sucks thank God that he has provided you with a trusted friend who is willing to help you out, sounds like a blessing to me!