Monday, May 9, 2011

Somethin' somethin'

I have a few somethin's to share with you all. First: Since arriving in the States I've lost 16 pounds!! Woot woot. Which is definitely a good thing. I was getting uncomfortable. I don't get how people can say they didn't know they were gaining weight. Well, good lord clothes don't fit and I felt like a big tub-o-goo, sluggish you know?? I was eating larger portions than I girl should have and really the stress of the move caused a lot of it (along with my larger-than-neccesary-portions). But I'm back on the ridiculously low-carb bandwagon and it's working well for me.

Second: Please for the love of God and all that is good in the world don't ever give your money to Zales!  Here's why: it all began June of 2007 when Kevin and I purchased my Bridal set.

I loved it. It was everything I could have ever wanted. Allow me to clarify, I still LOVE my set. However, since June 2007 I've had many, many problems. When I initially got my engagement ring I was just so over the moon, I was engaged and just didn't pay that much attention. The next thing I know I'm admiring my new ring and see a black speck inside the center stone. COAL! Yes, coal! I took it back and swapped it out for the same exact one. Yes I know all stones have "natural imperfections" well I was not prepared to spend what I spent at the time (which is not the price on the website currently) on a ring with "beeping" coal! So they swap it and I press on with life. About a year later one of the side stones that hug the center stone pops out. Had that replaced. Then last December as soon as we got to Germany (go figure) I lost another one of those side stones. When I returned to Colorado, first thing I did was drop that off and have that fixed. 

Oh I should also mention I purchased this Tungsten ring for my husband. 

Tungsten, you know one of the strongest metals on the earth, yeah well the gold incased in the tungsten busted twice. Yes, NOT once but TWICE! So we traded that in for a standard white gold band with some diamonds. 

Now you're caught up. Well today I stopped into Kay Jewelers to have my rings cleaned while my mom picked up something. So, my sister, mom and I figured why not get our rings all shined up! So we did. Remember I just got my ring back about 3 or 4 weeks ago from having a stone replaced. Kay inspected the ring and found that a stone on the band was crushed. Oh yes, crushed. I only wear my ring when I leave the house which isn't much these days since I'm on this jacked up sleeping schedule. So I didn't do it. Zales sent it back to me busted!! 

The icing on the cake: Kay appraised my ring and said they could only offer me $750 for it! 

I was completely devastated. My wedding set, my ring that I LOVE is a lemon!

PS: I miss my husband.


KelleeLyn said...

That's horrible! Buuuuutttt if YOU love your ring then that's all that matters, right?

Lin said...

Congratulations on the 16 lbs, that's so awesome! Sorry to hear abour your ring though, that super sucks.

Shannon said...


Okay, so I'm presuming this is a real diamond and real white gold. I'm presuming you paid a lot more than $750 when you initially got it. This means that either they swapped your ring for a fake when you had it fixed or they sold you a fake to begin with. If so, I would absolutely do whatever means necessary to report them, contact authorities, etc. If you buy a ring on the pretense that it is real and worth X amount, and you find out it's a fake, that's BS!

Mrs. B said...

That's so awesome about the weight loss! Go YOU!!!!

And I'm sorry that you're having so many problems with your ring. What are you gonna do now?

Kayla Sue said...

Congrats on the 16 pounds!!! I'm at that point where I can hardly bare to look at myself... I need to drop about 20 to be comfortable again!

Sorry about your wedding set :/ That really stinks!

Raven said...

woohoo on losing weight! That's awesome!

and thanks for the heads up on zales. I actually think ours went out of business a few years ago.

Consider The Lilies said...

oh my goodness. girl I've had such a terrible experience with Zales too. The DAY my hubby proposed to me I noticed a black speck in one of my side diamonds...I thought it was permanent marker or's huge and Zales told me it's an "imperfection" and sent me on my way. it drives me crazy to this day and they won't fix it! :(