Thursday, May 12, 2011

I wanna go!!

Today I made the mistake of checking out the USO website listing their tours for the next coming months. It makes me really sad that Kevin and I are both losing this time (almost a full year) of Germany and travel opportunities. I'm thinking of all the places on my "list." All the places I want to see before we get a new assignment (Dec 2013).


These are the places I realllllly have to see. I mean, I'm sure Amsterdam (for example) has lots of awesome things to offer I just wouldn't be devastated if I don't get there.

What trips have you taken throughout Europe that'd you'd recommend? What places would be on your "list"?


Rachel said...

I'm trying to figure out the same thing.. where to go! I'd love to do London, Paris and Rome in one trip. They're all on my list.

Anonymous said...

Great list. I've been to all of those places and they are fantastic.

I would like to suggest Spain in general and Barcelona in particular. It was unexpected, but Barcelona is one of my favourite cities. Montserrat is located a few miles outside the city and it is also AMAZING.

Scotland is also a great place to visit, especially if you can go during the annual tattoo (lots of bag pipes).

Have fun!


Megan said...

I loved London, Paris, and I'm pretty much obsessed with Italy but the cruise we took was amazing and I highly recommend doing it if you can. You can see so many countries and have a great relaxing time while doing it.

ALW said...

Greece, Scotland, The Netherlands, and Belgium are my must see places before we PCS!

Nina said...

There are so many wonderful places in Europe .... even though I have lived there for a couple of decades, I still have stuff to see and look forward to going back.
However, Paris is my absolute favorite but also Normandie and Bretagne are great areas to visit. And of course Val de Loire with all the vineyards, chateaus and little villages. I usually stay at the chateaus when in this area.

London is a must city to see but you may want to think about roadtripping in Scotland too - go beyond Edingurgh and Loch Ness, and stay at B&B's.

Scandicavia is pretty cool, and something different. Gives you a great exposure to all different cultures in Europe if your travels take you from Italy/Greece all the way up to Norway/Sweden/Finland.

If you are into outdoors and sports, skiing, biking, hiking, mountain climbing in the Alps is fun beyond fun. Especially if you hit Italian or French Alps.

Shoot me an email if you have more questions about the destinations or accommodations.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

You must go to London. I love that place like no other. TAKE ME WITH YOU!

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog by chance. I'm German and live in Germany. Travel whenever you get the opportunity - everything is so close in Europe! So here's what I'd suggest:
- Berlin as Germany's capital is a must-see!
- Copenhagen is beautiful. Go see the little mermaid!
- London!
- Italy - Venice, Rome, Florence
- Austria - Salzburg and Vienna!
- Bruges
- Amsterdam
I'm not a big fan of Paris, actually. I love France, but never liked Paris. I'd suggest the region of Loiret with loads of castles (Chambord, Chamerolles etc.)

Travel, travel, travel :)

Anonymous said...

The Air Force base town about an hour above Vencie- Aviano. It's in the Italian Alps. There's a ski lodge above it too, Pincavallo. That whole area is breath taking. I can't say enough things about Barcis, either. It's just so picturesque. All this is one hour train's ride from Venice. Also, we went to Bern, Switzerland- soooooo much fun walking and learning about Einstein. Switzerland is really expensive, though. Good luck with your decisions!

Lou said...

italy!!! The beach up in the north east is awesome..and Sicily is gorgeous!!

Emily said...

I have yet to go to Europe, but I am going to the UK and France this summer!
Cute blog, by the way. :)