Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Straight Up!

I wish we could just go back to marveling over the pomp and beauty that was Prince Harry the Royal Wedding. Recent news has given folks memory loss. Well, not all people (my Cultural Diversity class is teaching me its BAD to stereotype) but some. For goodness sakes. They other I pointed out on a non-milspouse bloggy that I love that I wasn't celebrating (but that I get why other people are) because I was scared and concerned about my husband in Afghanistan. I went on to say that I get why it is a much simpler issue for some people though: he's bad, he orchestrated 9-11, now he's dead and you celebrate. But it isn't that simple for me. His death has the ability to affect the situation on the ground in Afghanistan. Maybe I'm just banging my head against a wall. But I felt attacked afterwards. Egh... such is life in blog-world.

Forgive me while I abruptly change the subject:

The dress:

First and foremost, I think Catherine was just stunning. Gorgeous.

Everyone said the dress was reminiscent of Grace Kelly's:

Lace. Got it. Similar.

My first thought was:

You know, Maria from The Sound of Music. No lace. Fine. Cut is very similar though. Either way.
Just occurred to me he only real similarity here is the neck line, all the same it was my first thought.

Compare it to whatever you like. Catherine's choice was timeless, beautiful and just stunning (yes I know I already said that).

While these two:
were the stars of the show (can I just say this is a very stuffy picture but it does show off their attire quite nicely), I gotta tell you my eyes were glued to Prince Harry! 


Obviously I'm into soldiers/man in uniform.


But really, c'mon people. This is one Ginger I'm totally on board with. PLUS!! You can just see his wheels spinning and you know he's thinking dirty thoughts. I know I wasn't the only on who took notice.

If you're one of the people who didn't care for Catherine's dress... please tell me why. Honest, no retaliation here. I genuinely want to know why people weren't into it!
Please and thank you!


KelleeLyn said...

I'm in love with Kate's dress. EVERYTHING about it. In fact, I'm obsessed with the whole Royal wedding and them as a couple. So in love *swoon*...

Ok... I'm done
For now :)

mary said...

I'm with you, Prince Harry is the prince for me.

Pink Champagne, Gatorade, and MRE's said...

oh prince harry swoooooon. I actually liked Kates second dress better than the first one. Not that the first one was ugly lol. You can see it here

Kevin Standring said...

Not me he looks like Ron weasely from Harry Potter. LOL

Kevin Standring said...

Plus Kate's sister is way hotter then her. I bet Prince Harry hit that after the wedding

Mrs. B said...

I thought her dress was gorgeous! And I think that it was totally "her." But, I guess with it being a royal wedding and all, I expected it to be more elaborate. But I'm glad that she chose to wear something that suited her style.

Lin said...

I loved both of her dressed. I'm glad she didn't go all over the top huge fu-fu dress, it was classy & looked amazing.

Prince Harry...what a hottie.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Totally agree... Harry is looking gooooooood! I love that you compared the dress to the one from Sound of Music! It does look like it.