Monday, March 21, 2011

Busy come of days!!

My busy (I say again, BUSY) weekend started at 6AM Thursday (Central European Time). "Why was I up so early?" you ask. Well, I had to get up to Frankfurt for a 1030 flight!! I purchased a plane ticket Monday to come back home to Colorado for a visit. My youngest nephew was having his first Birthday party on Saturday and that job fell through so I figured if I would be coming home for a visit during the course of this deployment now would be a good time.

The fun part: it was a total surprise to my family!! Lauren was supposed to pick me up from the airport in Denver but some jerkoff hit her person with his car! Thankfully my friends Lauren and Erin enlisted Erin's momma to come up to Denver and get me (to keep the surprise intact). Thank the Lord for Erin's Momma!! :) I finally made it back to Erin's house about 9 PM on Thursday (Mountain Standard Time). I was at least 8 kinds of exhausted (hello dark circles-- eeeek) so I hit the hay after a much needed shower!

After two nights at Erin's house it was time to surprise the family at Logan's Birthday party. I showed up a little bit early and my sister was completely SHOCKED, then as my parents showed up they were also so shocked and happy! It was such an amazing surprise! :)

I'll be in Colorado for about a month just spending some quality time with friends and the family! The only thing that could make this time better would be my hubby! I wish he were here with all of us. I miss him.


Angie said...

So happy everything worked out!! Have a blast!!!

Erin said...

So happy you are here :)

Mrs. B said...

It was the best surprise EVER! SOOO happy to have you here!

KelleeLyn said...

Welcome back! I ordered the Spring weather just for you ;)