Saturday, February 13, 2010

The V-Day

Are you guys into Valentines? If yes, why? If no, why?

Well you guessed it. I'm not such a Valentine’s Day fan. And you probably know why... well partially.
When I was younger no one wanted me to be their Valentine- well except for my BESTEST Valentine EVER: MY DADDY!
This bummed me out. Made me feel sad... :(

Then as years went by and I did have someone on Valentine’s Day I felt like it was just a silly-overly-cheesy "holiday". As someone in a relationship I thought it was kind of silly/ridiculous to have a "holiday" invented for the sole purpose of reminding us to show our love and appreciation for our significant other.
We should do this every day.
Should being the operative word.

All that being said, I haven't celebrated Valentine's Day since I've known my husband; haven't forced him to get all dolled up, take me someplace fancy where we may or may not even enjoy the meal. This year I was feeling like I wanted my hubby to plan something special/unique for us to do together. I was talking to a girlfriend about it and we decided after some conversation that I needed to tell Kevin about this; that he wouldn't just assume this year were different and take the initiative on his own.
Guess what I did?
I told Kevin I wanted to go out this year and that I wanted him to plan it!
He started his planning...
AND (of course) I changed my mind!
HaHA (joke's on me)

So whether you choose to celebrate your love on the 14th of February or not remember to express your love and affection towards your special someone then and everyday!!



Lin said...

We dont do the whole Valentines Day thing either. I think its terribly overrated & we show each other love every day so there's no need to go 'way out' on V-day.

Erin said...

Personally, I think that you should do special tihngs for your significant other everyday not just on a stupid holiday. That said, we are actually doing something for vday this year.

Expat Girl said...

I agree, I mean I like the day when Mr Soldier is actually here for it but I want to show him that I love him every day so the whole notion of Valentines does seem a bit silly

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

Well of COURSE you should show your hunnie that he's special EVERYDAY and not just on V-Day...But I still like that we have a holiday for it:p I wasn't allowed to date growing up, so I looked forward to the day when I would have someone of my own to give me flowers and chocolates:p But also, because I just love, LOVE! Rob and I have had three valentines days together. We don't go all out or anything; we just make it about being together while celebrating that we're still in one another's lives! Open yourself to the day Girl..Let Kevin show you a good time! Thats so sweet that he's planning something:)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Well I would wish you a Happy Valentines Day but.... lol
Have fun whatever you and Kevin get into tomorrow!

A Lady in Waiting said...

I agree that Valentine's day is basically just a made up holiday. I appreciate that A has sent things to me since he's not here, but usually I just think it's important to DO something rather than be given things. And yes, you should show each other that you love somebody EVERYday!