Wednesday, February 10, 2010

While I was away...

So after we found out that Amanda and Stephen are expecting a bouncing baby boy we were stuck at their home for the following 2 days, thanks to the 3rd biggest blizzard in DC's modern history! BAMM! Yes, and I was supposed to fly out on Monday. That didn't happen. I received a travel voucher and changed my flight to leave on Tuesday morning. I wound up getting out fine but after a week away, I was sure missing the hell out of my hubby! I know my milspouse readers are thinking "A week? You gotta be kidding me." Well, I've learned that I'm built kind of backwards. I made peace with the fact that Kevin would be gone, before he deployed for a year to Iraq. I just get used to the idea of being without a person for long periods of time. But for some reason being without escential people for short periods of time really just... hurts my heart. All the same, I missed Kevin to pieces while all of this was falling from the sky:

when all was said and done 2.5 feet fell in Centerville, VA ( where I was ). It was craziness.

I happend to snap this picture while passing by the Washington Monument. It's blurry and taken from my BlackBerry but the colors are amazing- I thought!

PS: For those of you who have received the email circulating around the net that the ACLU filed suit to have cross-shaped headstones removed from military cemetaries and end prayer from the military all together, this story is ABSOLUTLEY FALSE!
"The ACLU has never once advocated for or initiated any litigation in favor of, removing cross-shaped headstones from federal cemeteries," spokesman Will Matthews said in an e-mail.

I love how people just flat out MAKE THINGS UP to support their own agenda.
It's sickening.

Have a fabulous Wednesday.

For this weeks edition of I WANT IT WEDNESDAY:
I want... the douchebag soldier who keeps discussing movement with his equally douchebaggary wife who calls Staff Duty complaining and questioning the information her husband gave her; to be locked in a room without communication to the oustide world until the flight lands in Colorado Springs!


A Lady in Waiting said...

Hope you were able to actually enjoy some of the crazy snow that we got here on the east coast. Glad you made it back safely...and I am in the middle of a deployment, but understand what you mean. When you are prepared for a year, you make yourself ready. But being apart otherwise is never fun (not that deployment is fun of course!). And yes, people need to stop making things up. Apparently wives/parents have been receiving casualty emails??!! REALLY?!? They are false...but who would do that for fun? And what's this about the soldier and his wife?

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I'm glad you made it home!!! I was wondering if he had got buried in the snow.

jenn said...

glad you made it back safely!!


i'm in total agreement about the short periods of time away -- i hate them. they are harder in a weird-military-kind of way!!

glitteryeyesxx said...

OH? You're from VA? Hahaha, I actually work pretty close to Centreville. Man, oh man. This snow storm has got me KILLED. I can't take any more! 495 and 66 was so iced up today. I had to go to work today (can you believe that??) and it was a nightmare on the roads. And the wind gusts are crazy! I heard Manassas had up to 60 mph!!