Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Want it.... Wednesday

That's right it's Wednesday and I'm here to tell you what I want.
Can I get a BIG {Woooo HOOO}?? You know because I know you're EXTRA excited to find out what it is I want:
For this week's I Want it Wednesday... we're going to do a vacation spot edition.

I want to go here.....

In case you don't know where this picture was taken (I didn't either but I thoguht the boats were cute) it was  BOSTON!

and here:

CHI- Town!

and here:

San Francisco!
(and no, not for the Sourdough... I hate it, it's YUCKY)

and back here:

Good Ol' NYC!
Since Kev and I were married I've always wanted to go here with him!
One day...

and back here:

I figure we have to go with the right group of people. And be prepared to booze it up a lil bit. If you all remember Kevin and I went here on Block Leave. I didn't have the greatest time. But I'm kind of lame. So I think that's my own bad.
When/if we do go again I want this:


I want to go here:

and do this:

Yup, you guessed it

That's enough for today. There are MANY more places I need to see before I die. These are the ones currently on the top of my list, state-side (CONUS- if you will)... lol.
Stay tuned for next weeks edition of I Want it Wednesday... Places to visit overseas (OCONUS)!!.


JG said...

I always used to think Segways were so lame. Then we got to use one on our last vacation, and they were so fun! I'll never laugh at a Segway person again.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I'm right there with you on wanting to go to Niagra Falls! From the pictures I've seen it looks amazing!

redheadchick said...

I vote Guam for OCONUS, uh kidding. But the Blue Mosque in Istanbul is an amazing sight!

for the love said...

All great spots! Can't believe you don't like sourdough - it's my favorite. SF has good chocolate too though, at Ghiradelli.