Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My babies....

.... might be BLOND!

this is a shocking and humbling realization!

You see my sister and I are brunette:

My sister's child; my nephew is brunette:
My husband is blond, well dirty blond at this stage of his life. As a very young child; in the early stages of his life he was BRIGHT blond! Most of my nieces and nephews (from my husband's side of the family) are blond... even though their other (non-blood-related) parent is also brunette.

My babies could be, might be blond!



PS: Lifetime sucks! We're officially broken up. They have pushed me too far. First the Nanny, then Golden Girls, this morning it was an AM programing change and now I find out the PM programming has been changed as well. Lifetime, we're OVER!

Forget you. I'm moving on!



Lauren B. said...

NO i didn't get your text!!! i get horrible service at my call me tomorrow and we can get together, i def want to see you before you leave! no idea when aaron has to go, he is trying to get his leave extended by two weeks, but we havent heard whether or not thats been approved. if its not then he will leave on the 6th :(

genetics are a funny thing! aaron and i both have dark brown hair (i know! you are shocked that i am not REALLY blond lol) and hannah has brown hair...BUT he has brown eyes and i have blue and even though brown is dominate she has my baby blues ;)

Paula said...

blond is good...and if you can't have it naturally then there is always the hair-dresser...all my kids were little toe heads

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I'm sticking with them because of Drop Dead Diva...other than that I've broken up with them as well! And your email.....LOVED IT!