Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Want It... Wednesday!

Morning, and Happy Hump Day to all the workin' folk!

I Want It... Wednesday!

I want... for it to be Friday already!
{Jersey here we come}

I want... for the Denver International Airport to magically just be down the road versus an hour and 20 mins away; considering that our flight leaves at 0715 AM and I'm too cheap to book a room for Thursday night when my husband says that he'll get up and make the drive there (while I sleep) at 4 AM.

{I adore sleep}

I want... people to stop taking advantage of my honesty; ie. I demand that people stop questioning the strength of my marriage because we both admitted to not having the smoothest of transitional periods. Just because this time is supposed to be all love-making and crapping rainbows {gag} doesn't mean if you aren't this deliriously happy that you're also doomed to failure.

I mean, seriously how can "I'm worried about you." or "I'm worried about you and Kevin." be helpful or supportive. What is the goal? What is the purpose in these statements? How about we try something along the lines of: "I am so proud of you guys for sticking it out during this rough time." or "I'm sorry it isn't picturesque right now, but I know that you guys love each other and you will be fine!" Just a few thoughts for moving forward.

I want... to sell our house; home ownership is overrated.

I want... to win the lotto amongst other things. Maybe money doesn't buy happiness but it sure does help pay those bills.

I want... wait I am in desperate need of a JOB!!! It's pushing a year people. This is not a good thing. I have become accustomed to being home at this point, too bad a job is less then optional. :(

I want.... to lose another 20 lbs. :( I wish I could get motivated to eat better again. I'm still doing... egh, ok! But I am not a person who can actively lose weight just eating "ok". I have to watch EVERYTHING. Count and track the calories, drink copious amounts of water (which I am still doing), exercise (which I haven't stopped doing, just haven't been doing enough of since Kevin returned home) and any other common dieting tricks of the trade that are necessary I also must do! :( it sucks. A girl gets hungry! And that's my problem, I believe in eating when you're hungry. I don't generally eat complete CRAP either. I just get hungry A LOT! :( booo...
I gotta get ready for my day:
First: I have to drop Nathan and sister at the airport
Second: Hit up the gym (wooooo)
Third: Contact the Education office for details -- someone told me that while attending they will pay you (literally) for your living expenses at an E5 level. I have heard contradictory information on this. Hence the phone call. Stay tune peoples!
Fourth: Drop a package off at FedEx.
Fifth: Finish up laundry so that I can successfully pack for our journey to Jersey (at the ass-crack of dawn) on Friday! :)
Brace yourself Granny...


Erin said...

Just so you know, Military One Source is offering up to $6,000 to go back to school and get training of a new job. It can be a university or a trade school. It can be just about anything. I think apprenticeships count too. There are some hoops to jump through, but it's worth looking into, I am using it.

I'm sorry people aren't being as supportive as you need them to be. Readjustment is hard. Both of you have changed because of the deployment. It's difficult to try to come back together. Just know that, if you can make it through this, you guys can make it through anything. You marriage will be that much stronger because of it.

Paula said...

Being there with you guys during the homecoming I could see and feel the love you two have for each other. It will take some time to mesh things together, but you will; because you guys are great. As I have told Kevin numerous times, "You grow in the Valley's, not on the MT top". Things work out how they are supposed to and sometimes it takes us getting a little further down the road to see that.Just keep your eyes on the goal and keep talking, talking, talking. Try to find humor and laughter in everything if you can. And if all else fails...just say the word "dork"..with a " "...have a fun trip to Jersy
Love you and we are so very proud of both of you

lola said...

Oooh -- have fun on your trip and sleep on the plane! :)

Also, don't let what others say get to you too much. It's about what you two know and feel!

Sara said...

people can be so freaking ridiculous. Part of me is worried about my own husband coming home from his deployment (November) but seriously, people need to shut the *f up once in a while. You guys will make it though. There is a transitional time, you have gotten used to being alone for how many months? no worries, and tell those other people (whoever they are) to take a hike!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I hate people who are all up in personal business like it's their own...

And I'm right there with you on winning the lotto.

Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

that was a great post!

liberal army wife said...

every re-deployment is different - and everyone of them is hard. The whole rainbows and fairy dust... yeah, not usually. so remember what we always forget - it's YOUR RE-DEPLOYMENT. You will cope with whatever you have to cope with, and if you need help- there are programs to help, some counseling, mostly just getting re-acquainted. This will be our 3rd re-dep, and I know it will be totally different from the last two. The others (including me...) tell us all to butt out.


nuclearwife said... might help with the counting and tracking calories if you aren't already using a website, its really user friendly (lord knows i've tried three or fifty different sites!) Even estimates how many calories you need to cut back each day and takes exercise and your daily activities into account.