Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dear Lifetime:

I have never been the girliest of girls... I'm pretty positive I was born without the Lifetime-movie-loving-gene and I'm ok with that because I've never enjoyed the quirkiness, unrealistic nature, poor acting and generally poorly made movies made specifically for your network.

Over the course of the last few years you've went from back-to-back crap movies to some enjoyable programming. Will & Grace. Frasier. Golden Girls. The Nanny. Last year when you removed The Nanny and replaced it with something else I stuck by you. When you ditched the Golden Girls, I hung with you still. This most recent change may be just too much!! This morning I come downstairs to start some coffee for the hubs and myself. Meanwhile the TV is on it's way to waking up (as well). After the coffee is started I switch to Channel 252 (Lifetime --DirecTV). What did I find? I'll tell ya: it wasn't an hour's worth of Frasier. NOoooo. It was REBA. Come again..?! "REBA? -- you must be joking!" Well, obviously not. The 8 o'clock hour has been switched from Frasier to Reba, as well as the 9 o'clock hour being switched from Will & Grace to Reba. Ugh! I'm highly disappointed by this.

In closing, Lifetime TV, I fear our relationship may be ending. You can only stretching something like this so far before it breaks! :(

I'll miss your comedic programming.




Lauren B. said...

i'm not a huge fan of lifetime either, i feel your pain. nick at night shows the nanny in the middle of the night, i watch it when i get up to pump lol, that show never gets old!!!!

JG said...

Nick at Nite shows The Nanny now, but they aren't very good at it. They've timed the commercial breaks all off so it'll go to commercial in the middle of a sentence, plus they have 'edited' the show so sometimes whole conversations are cut. AND - my big pet peeve - they totally hacked up the wedding episodes - cut and pasted them in different scene orders, and you can tell because sometimes they are wearing one outfit, then another, then the first one again - geez! BUT, it's the only place I can get my Nanny fix, so what's a girl to do. But yeah, Nanny, GG and Frasier are totally the best.

high heels said...

i love reba hahaha.

Erin said...

Who watches Reba? I'm sorry they canceled your shows... That seems to be a curse I have. All the shows I love get canceled.

Hopefully you will find them on another channel.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I hate to tell you, they've changed it at night too. Instead of Frasier it's Reba.....