Sunday, August 16, 2009

Husband-O- Husband...

Where for art thou Husband??

As reported yesterday, I didn't speak with Kevin yesterday. :( I was assuming hoping that meant he was in Kuwait!

I was wrong.
I received an email from Kevin about 2 AM -- he was letting me know that he wasn't able to call yesterday morning because the phones were done and that he would not be able to call me this morning either, since he had to pull guard.

I suppose we're on schedule for his homecoming. A girl can always hope it happens sooner than scheduled/expected, right? All the same I hope to talk to him VERY soon. I did get spoiled, speaking to him as often as we have this past year....... Can't spoil a woman then cut it off. It just doesn't work like that! Grrr.

Here's to patience.... Ha HAHa ;)


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw, I'm sorry he wasn't in Kuwait yet. Maybe you'll get a surprise phone call tomorrow saying he's there now!

Lauren B. said...

ugh! i know how long the days are that you don't hear from your sucks majorly!!!! but he will be home soon, and then you can talk to him face to face!

JenandJeff said...

hopefully he'll still make it home sooner than later!

jenn said...

oh -- i was hoping to read that he was home!!!

very soon -- very soon :o)

lola said...

Oh god, I HATE waiting. Here's to patience and not going absolutely bananas waiting! :)