Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hell of a day

Haven't heard from Kev. I'll take that as a good sign.

Couldn't get questions about "canceling/transferring/refunding" plane tickets to NJ for my Gramma's 75 Birthday celebration. So nothing was booked. Maybe I should start at the beginning?: The birthday party is on Saturday the 5th, Kevin and I would fly into NJ on Friday the 3rd and back to CO early Sunday AM. All of this is only possible IF they grant Kev's mileage pass is granted. They told him that he was free to go on Friday if they didn't have any briefings scheduled; which of course, they won't know until they get home. Last minute questions are usually pretty spendy! Which, is why I was looking into purchasing tickets now with the option (depending on the specifics) of "canceling/transferring/refunding" them if necessary.

I was/sorta-half-still-am planning a Welcome Home BBQ for next weekend. I chose the perfect little park, but it was already booked. So I attempted to search for others in the area that I liked, but evidently there is no list or map of parks in this county- anywhere on the internets!

Moral of {side note: 10 PM I hear TAPS :( playing on the AFB} today's story: I feel completely defeated! I got nothing accomplished, and I have a ton of crap to do before Kevin returns.
Because I was feeling so defeated and anxious I decided to go to the movies. Yes, I saw "The Time Travelers Wife." Sadly... I was NOT, at all impressed. I expect a beginning, middle and end out of my movies. This one, oddly enough had no ending... no sense of finality or final resolution to the core conflict. I'm still wondering what happens next. Open-endedness is not something I'm into in movies. So there I was just watching... and watching... and then suddenly I wasn't anymore. That's it. Swell way to end the day huh?

Tomorrow will be better. :)


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Ew, I hate when movies end like that! This makes me not want to watch it, but i haven't read the book yet either. I wonder if there's an end in the book?

I hope Kevin gets there soon!!!

Lauren B. said...

ugh i hate it when movies just end w/out an ending!

and apparently today wasn't good for anyone. it sucked for me too, as well as a few other ppl i talked to. hopefully tomorrow is better for us all!