Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another thing, he said!!

So I forgot to add this to my last post:

"Babe, only 3 more Tuesdays til I'm home."

Awwww.. I heard it you all said it... Collectively! I know its true! Tee hee. Its great to think of the homecoming in those terms! Its funny because I was at WallyWorld the other day (possibly even last week..) with my sis and I asked her if I should start getting some of Kevin's things; deodorant, toothpaste, soda, snacks ect. My practical and logical side took over and I decided to wait. I'll definitely be back to good ol' Wally World at least a dozen times before he gets back... =)
Kevin's funny though... He agreed to hold off seeing the new Harry Potter until he gets home. You see, I had never read the books or watched any of the movies before I had met him. Kevin on the other hand listened to all of the books on tape and had seen all the movies. So we watched them all together he helped me fill in the blanks and understand the STRANGE names! Well, he's having a hell of a time waiting to see it! But toooo bad this time you don't have too long to wait (unlike with The Pink Panther) so you and I will both have to wait! =)
Movie watching is something that I am really looking forward to! There are quite a few movies on the list, that we'll have to watch together. And somehow it keeps growing and growing by the day:
Harry Potter (duh- obviously)
I Love You, Man
Funny People
Marley and Me
The Ugly Truth
Angels and Demons
Fast & Furious

::funny thing, I come to list the movies and they jump ship (out of my mind), evil bastards! I know there are so many more, grrr!::
There is half a TiVo full of TV to watch: a season of house, 1 and half seasons of Burn Notice, Raising the Bar and Royal Pains.
Oh- and it is official (like a referee whistle) I'm unhirable! This job searching business is a tireless chore. I'm over it. Maybe we'll just win the lotto instead... Stupid-ME why didn't I think of this first?!? DUH..


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Public Enemies is a good one.
I agreed to wait on Transformers 2 because of the same reason. When I saw the first one with Matt he had to explain it all to me because I had never seen the show or anything as a kid lol.

Lauren B. said...

wow....3 tuesdays?? we need to make plans soon, cause after he gets back i'm sure i wont see you for a while!!!