Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The Sgm said that there is nothing special about Kevin's situation and the policy is clear on Grandparents- so my hubby isn't going to be coming home right now. The good news is that he'll be home for good in just about 2 months. Not too far away!

Still waiting for a job to fall from the sky... =(

Something fun to share though: I'm not sure if any of you have heard, but Mr. Justin Timberlake has gotten into the booze-making business! Unlike Diddy's Vodka, Citroc, JT went with a high-end Tequila called "901". This is a homage to his home in Tennessee. The point you ask? Well my husband was going on and on about this so I googled it, went to the website and found out that it wasn't available in Colorado yet (only the big markets: LA, Vegas, NYC ect). So I went to the comments page and requested more information on when it would be available or if they would be willing to send a "Welcome Home" bottle for my hubs. Truly and honestly I expected absolutely nothing from my email... Today I received this response:

You tell me when and where to send it and we'll do everything possible to get him a bottle. In addition, tell him we are eternally grateful to you, your family and of course him for his service.
Kevin Ruder
President 901 Tequila

I thought that was really sweet. I responded and told him that I was sincerely surprised to receive any response and was thankful for his kind words. Also, that if he could tell me when it would be available in Colorado I would be happy to get it myself when it becomes available. So we'll see...... =)

Happy Tuesday people- I must go vacuum and pay bills. Woopty doo!


JG said...

Wow. See, that's what builds customer loyalty. Good for them for doing the right thing. If I was a tequila drinker, I'd go order some right now.

Lauren B. said...

thats so cool that you got a response! it's always nice when people appreciate the sacrefices our husbands make (as well as us!).

sorry that your hubby doesn't get to come home. Aaron had been told a few months ago that he would get to come back here to escort a soldier that was being court marshalled, then (of course) they changed their minds. but luckily he will be home in just a couple of months! yeah!

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

That is seriously too cool! You are such a sweet wife to Kevin:) And nope, I didn't know that!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Wow! That was really nice of 901 to do that! I've never heard of it. I might have to check them out now because they were so nice!

I'm sorry that he won't be able to come in for the funeral. However, that's great that he'll be home for good soon!

lola said...

That's really awesome that they had such a great and rapid response! :)

I'm sorry that he won't be able to head home for the funeral.

Laura said...

I have been looking for a job and find it very frustrating now! Kinda even discouraging... I guess I have to keep trying and keep my head up.

d.a.r. said...

Wow that's awesome!!! Maybe I should write to my hubby's favorite beer brand... :)

Sorry about the funeral. Army policies are so ridiculously arbitrary sometimes...