Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lil' Bit of This... Lil' Bit of That...

I haven't been the bloggiest blogger this week... basically I haven't had much of anything positive to say this week. Usually when I get like that/this I tend to keep my nonsense to myself. Why spread it around?

Also blogger has been a pain in my ass the last 2/3 days also. I have been attempting to blog (a few things here and there) and leave comments on some of your recent posts but it keeps timing out. This is the only site that is happening with. It's quite frustrating! So I have been keeping up with your blogs- as much as blogger would allow.

Other than that the OC on Soapnet finally caught up to where my bootleg copies of the seasons left off and has subsequently started over! Still a fan. =) Even though it's completely obvious why the show ended after Marissa caught the axe. Far less enjoyable with the Seth/Ryan/Summer/ Taylor combo.

Job update: still unemployed. Interview on Wednesday was a complete waste of time... they were looking for someone with other qualifications-- he actually apologized for wasting my time. He was a nice guy though. Far less optimistic now too... =(

Jeeee sorry I'm full of helpful positive energy. I'm debating on whether or not to venture out to Safeway for some necessities.... Prolly not?? hmmm.


Mrs. G.I Joe said...

I'm sorry girl:( Sounds like you need a major pick my up...Wish I could help other then saying stuff like chin up and it'll get better...But I have faith in you...The job market is a tough place to be right now so don't loose heart and you'll get back into the swing of things...Just keep trying those door knobs...My grandma was always good for that one liner:p

lola said...

Hun, I'm sorry you're feeling bad! I was talking to JLC the other night and both of us have been in funks for the past week too. I don't know if it's something contagious in the mil-wife world?! ;)

I hope that things get better soon, but also remember happiness is never as sweet if you don't know what unhappiness is. Keep your head up!

jlc said...

:\ .... keep your head up hun!

We're all here if you need us. Just don't give up.