Saturday, June 6, 2009

Here we go, Here we go now...!!

So people, evidently pissiness/pity-parties is going around in the Army Wife bloggersphere this week! Mrs. Lola and JLC are also having piss-poor weeks! Booo! I'm for one sick and tired of the nonsense!! Yes, referring back to a post from a few days ago- being a grown up sucks. But so the "eff" what? I'm a grown up. Can't change that shit now! Suck it up (me)!!! Playing the victim does me no good at this point. And what truly and honestly has victimized me? Life? Grown-up-ness? The shitty economy? Unemployment at 9.3%??? SO WHAT??? Gotta deal with it now right? So here is what we are thinking: Home-ownership is completely overrated! It's made my OCD intensify by 86.2344%... But with the housing industry being what it is we'd be hard pressed to get what we owe on it- never mind profit!! But (ha) the government will assist military with PCS orders sell their homes. Granted I don't have all the details yet but a tentative plan is to move and sell this burden. Move where? Fantastic question... Kevin and I have this goal of going to Germany/Europe (ps: just a lil' fun info on me... whenever I read or spell "Europe" in my head I sound it out like this "your-ope-EE". It is very honestly the simple things in life people! I'll take my laughs where ever I can get them!). FOCUS SAM FOCUS! So, Kevin asks me about going to Germany, and he would put his WO packet in from there. I would be all for that... BUT I'm not. ha ha Basically after he submits the packet (and gets accepted into the program) that means year-long school in Alabama. This is where my problem arises. I get that being a lone is apart of being a MilSpouse, but PLANNING to do it with an ocean separating me from everything that is familiar on a continent I haven't seen in over 21 years is just not my idea of a good time! So I tell Kevin I'm down to PCS- stateside then put in the WO packet and have him venture down to AL for schooling. He's in the process of contacting Branch now to find out what his options are for his MOS (63M) and/or any special assignments (recruiter ect). I'll update everyone when I get more information!
At this point I think PCSing is really the only option that we have to save our credit, lifestyle, ect... I have been so positive and stuck with the job search for 9 months! Kevin's homecoming is just around the corner. Honestly, at this point I'm all out of positivity... If it hasn't worked the past 9 months what makes me think that anything will change in the next 2? Don't get me wrong I am still out there applying everyday and when my homies say "so-and-so is hiring" I'm up there quick-fast and in a hurry! I am doing what I can. But ignoring what is clearly coming for Kevin and I- our future is just irresponsible!! "Failure to plan; is planning to fail." This is one of the many sayings my dad drilled into me brain from a young age. It is awfully ironic in this specific situation... because essentially I am failing. I'm in over my head... Lord help me, I'm attempting to dodge it everyday. Unfortunately, now I have to be pro-active and avoid as much damage as I can; let the pieces fall where they may. Time will tell...
Other than that my sister has started a blog! You'll notice she blogs like she texts but gotta love it! =) Her hubby is about to leave, the end of the month for A-stan on his 4th deployment! This couple has been through more than any other that I know. The only break they caught my BIL's entire enlistment was orders to Carson. I have blogged about the Newmans quite a bit so you may be vaguely familiar with them. But all of you with kids out there please stop by her blog. My nephew is pushing 3 (9/29) and is all too aware of things going on around him- so advice is welcomed from those of you who may have been through a deployment with a toddler. Also, they are currently going through IVF... support is necessary. Go check her out! =) There is also a link for her blog and my Hubby's blog to the left! Show some love...!

(The Newmans: R&R 2007.. I think)

I must get my ass showered and out the door to enjoy this beautiful day. Blue skies haven't been something very common around here... Tootles ladies!


jlc said...

hmmm not so much pissy parties but we just found out that the hubbs may have to deploy again right away after he comes home from 15 months.

just a lot to handle at once for anyone.

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

Thats the road Robert and I are taking. He had submitted his WO packet one month before he came down on orders for Drill sgt. So that null'n'voided that! In another year he's going to be able to submit it again, and yes, it is a year in Alabama then Europe from there! I have always wanted to go and am so excited at the thought of living over there! Good luck to the hubs with his packet!

JacylannNix said...

Good luck with everything...Germany would be a wonderful place to go :)
and good luck with the house selling...its tough!

Nikki said...

Been a crap week is right. Thank you for your kind words, sorry if I have been MIA on the blogs. It's all a lot to handle but I am always here and an e-mail away if you ever need me!