Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ugh... This Sucks!

Approximately 2.5 inches as of 230 PM! *Snow started about Noon.

Well, here is a nice spring day in Colorado Springs, CO! I was thinking about a walk in the park today or taking Brody to the dog park or something. Well I woke up this morning and said to myself "Where'd the mountains go?" I have lived in Colorado Springs for over 12 years now, so I know that Spring Blizzards fairly common, but 'they' are saying this is going to be one for the record books. We are expecting 10 inches here; 17 inches in Denver. PS: My mother is stuck in VEGAS at a "class".... There are worse places to be stuck!

This AM I got up and checked my email and applied for a few jobs online, straightened up and finally got out of the house at 11. I went straight to the gym (I could tell by the clouds comin over the mountains that something big was coming my way), and I had to get to Sam's Club for dog food- it was literally all gone! I had a great workout... sometimes I leave wondering why I bothered to leave the house at all, and other times I feel like I really did some good! I stopped at the mall to return some things, then hit Sam's Club. Who else thinks they suck?! Well, actually I love Sam's Club, I'm just bitter today! They don't have the dog food I have always fed to Brody anymore! So, I had to buy a new brand which is really not good for Dogs. But with the weather situation I was really in a bind. Hopefully there isn't too much diareaha.

One thing I do love at Sam's is their flowers. I figured instead of just throwing all the roses in one big vase and being boring I would try to make it pretty. So here's what I did:

Had to do a "tall" arrangement.

But I love the "short stubby" arrangement!

So making the roses look pretty took up some time (out of my boredem). Other than that, Brody is really liking the snow!

Any suggestions of what I can do the next day trapped in the house ladies? I just wish Kevin were here so that we could play in the snow or cuddle up and watch a movie. Something sweet and romantical like that. But, I guess I'll just wait for your suggestions and watch TV, or play Wii in the mean time.

Also, Kevin is on the move. His unit is moving from Hella to Basrah (this is the 3rd move in 6 months). We usually talk everyday, (sometimes more than once or twice) but yesterday I didn't hear from him. So today I heard from him again. I love that he calls me as soon as he possibly can. If there are phones available he will always call and update me- let me know where he is at along the path to the new place. So he is safe and sound! I think that is enough for now. I will more than likely be posting a lot tonight and tomorrow-- since I'll be trapped inside.


Anonymous said...

EKK snow! Being from Tucson, I really don't deal with the stuff too well! Oh, how I miss Sam's Club! Tell me, is it just as magical as the last time I was there? :)

Teresa said...

I like the shorter fuller version too :)

That snow is heading htis way and that makes me sad lol :(

Paula said...

SNOW???? looks pretty, but I know it can be boring stuck inside....I look forward to they few days we have "weather" here in San Diego...We have been having sorta chilly nights and really warm days....not even "sweater weather" The roses look great..I usually get flowers when I go to costco, but my arrangements don't look as pretty as yours do! Way to go! I hope the new dog food does not upset Brody's tummy...hang in there
love you

High Heels & Combat Boots said...

Ha I was just talking to my friend lauren and she was talking about this blizzard!!

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

OH,I love snow!!!! we got a few inches a few weeks back but it didn't stay long enough to do anything with:( I'd gladly take the stuff off your hands:)

CarliMichelle said...

My husband is currently there, I am at our new duty station. he said it is cold and 8 inches of snow. he went back to sleep! The base is closed. Have a great day!

Nikki said...

I have a friend in Denver who spent all day shoveling and was complaining of being sore. He should be used to it, he just moved there from here...MICHIGAN! Thankfully all we are getting is rain.

I hope you weren't too bored!