Friday, March 27, 2009

Blizzard Update

Pictures taken aprox 1015 PM. Another guestimate: 4-5 inches?

I know all of you have been asking yourselves what I've been doing all night! The suspense is killing you isn't it? Yeah, well lose the suspense... I was finding new food blogs. I found some great new recipes too! I really love to cook, and really want to learn some new things, and expand my repitua (sp?) I think that is the correct use of that word. Ha Ha. Anyway, I'm really excited to try a French Pear Tart! Yumm, it looks amazing!
Other than finding some great recipes I sat here and watched some great new TV. I really enjoyed "In The Motherhood," and I was sooo happy that "Samantha Who?" is back. I love it, it's hilarious. Then of course Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice were really great episodes.

The Moral of the Story???: I'M A LOSER! I get my kicks on a Thursday night with some great programming by ABC! ... On the other hand, there was a Blizzard; what else is a girl to do?

So, back to the weather update: The Governor activated the National Guard. The military installations in the area (there are 5 after all) are closed to Mission AND non-mission essential personnel. I guess it is bad business out there! It's time for me to hit the hay now. I'm too bored to stay awake now! :)
Thanks for checking in ladies!


Anonymous said...

Poor you! Evil snow. That's why I love being from Tucson! Ha Ha!

Thank you for your comment. Made me smile.

Paula said...

I hope the snow soon is a thing of the past!

Nikki said...

I get my kicks from TV even when it isn't snowing! HEHE