Thursday, March 1, 2012

The worst

I feel like the worst pregnant broad on the planet. I'm not all glowy and joyful all the time. I'm not snapping belly shots on a bi-weekly basis for everyone I ever met on my Facebook. I know a handful of pregnant peeps right now or ones that just recently gave birth and really, I feel like the worst pregnant person.ever.

I am happy to be pregnant and excited to become a momma. But I'm just not outwardly into it like the other people.

Am I completely missing something?


Samantha Cernock said...

Nope, remember your hormones are all out of whack, and it's different for everyone. My friend felt like she had an alien growing in her the whole time. Also remember, your feelings could change tomorrow or in two months.

hmb said...

Everyone is different...I was not overly thrilled about the whole thing until about 20 weeks. That was about the time I could eat food again :)

Warrior Wife said...

One of the best mamas I know had the worst pregnancies. I mean, totally fat, bloated, and uncomfortable every step of the way. So no worries.

Natalia said...

Not at all. Pregnancy hormones are crazy! Things changed for me around week 14ish, when I started feeling him move. I still think of baby F as a little parasite, but one I love obviously! :-)

I think the best advice for pregnant women is to make pregnancy your OWN experience and don't compare yourself to what you read or to other pregnant women.

Lin said...

I wouldnt say anything's wrong with you, everyone's different. I've never been pregnant but I can totally imagine myself not being one of those overly cute 'belly pictures every week' kind of gal.

Be who are & enjoy every minute of it :)