Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bad rap

Anyone else frustrated by the rap "Army Wives" have? I know I am. Not all Army Wives cheat on their deployed spouse, steal all their money, have 6 kids by the time they're 22, are uneducated, lazy and severely obese. I'm annoyed that we always get such a bad freaking rap! I'm over it. I know that I define myself. I know that I am not limited by my stereotypes, I don't have to allow myself to be- anyway.

Here's the thing the bad apples have been running rampant recently:

From a bloggers blunt and unnecessary claim that 'Guard spouses aren't real Army Wives (and their Guardsmen husbands aren't real soldiers). Yea peeps that made it to Then more recently this business of KIA Notifications via Facebook/Texts. Which also warranted a response from SpouseBUZZ, here. The title is, "Army: Spouses to Blame for KIA Notification Fail." Yup, it's just 'us' right? I cringe to say that.

I whole heartedly disagree. This broad who ran her mouth "grief mongering" as Warrior Wife, so aptly described it, should be ashamed. But this is not a sweeping indication of all Army Wives. It's shameful that this woman did not have enough good sense to know not to say anything. Even if by some stretch of the imagination she thought this woman had already received her official notification I still do not understand the texting or FB status happening so soon. Personally, I air on the side of discretion. The last thing this spouse would want is people infringing on her grief. It isn't right.

Beyond that I resent the whole premise of the Spouse BUZZ article and the "Army" claim that this is entirely to blame on the Army spouses. It's sickening. Lets go back to how this broad got the information. Helloooo Commo Blackout-- Why isn't her soldier being crucified publicly? He should not have access to run his mouth, and his no-good-sense-having wife should not have ran hers either. It's wrong on every level.

Jacey suggested that notifications need to happen faster. I would also have to disagree with that whole heartedly. I feel that should the worst happen I don't want whomever is closest to my house in proximity banging down my door, or the God awful telegrams from We Were Soldiers. Nope, I want that black sedan and the Chaplain. This is not the fault of slow moving notifiers this is the fault of piss poor individuals with no self control. It's not "all Army wives" it's the individual whom needs some good sense smacked into them.

I've made my point-- who wants to count the number of times I said "good sense"?


Nicole said...

I love this post and agree wholeheartedly with "It's not "all Army wives" it's the individual whom needs some good sense smacked into them".

Warrior Wife said...

Your point is the most spot-on I've read yet. Whenever there was another injury in our unit, I waited to see it "go public" before I said a word. I'll never forget how quickly my phone began ringing when the FRG email went out about Aaron... and it wasn't anyone who was a real friend. It was as if there were some race to be the first to get my side of it, talk to me. I know it's terrible to think that people do that for selfish reasons, but I can't but help think it's true. That's just been my experience. It's always good to say something, eventually... but not 5 minutes after word got out. Blargh!

Amanda said...

I agree as well.. how is that on the Army Wife when SOMEONE heard it and opened his mouth immediately after hearing it. That information shouldn't have been leaked to him even before his family knew.. I hate the bad rap we get too. But if WE know we are above that stereotype, then that is all that matters!

P.S. Sorry for the delayed comment, finally catching up!