Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kloster Eberbach

This past weekend the hubs and I took a lil' excursion through a local travel agency. We started off at this old monastery. It's no longer a working monastery, it's now more of a special events center where they'll hold concerts or other events. You see, Germans like any excuse to have a fair, or market. They do it up big for Christmas! Well, apparently Easter is a big deal around here as well! I have heard about the markets and had to check it out. You would not believe how talented these people are and the things they do with easter eggs, it's just amazing. It can also be very expensive. They had eggs for sale at over 50 Euros! Some even, into the 100's! Yeah, we stuck with the 5 and 8 Euro selection. But it was still gorgeous!

The Hubs picked this out for the babe!
The Rhine cruise was good times too. But, I started not feeling so hot and didn't take so many pictures. Just generally yucky, not really "sea sick", but just not 100%.

Hopefully we get orders soon so we can have a better idea of our time schedule for future travel plans. I have heard of a few people have seen their DEROS change and received their new assignments. Hopefully we're next! (a girl can dream, right?)

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Jamie said...

Beautiful eggs!