Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Spirit

It's December 3rd, and I'm all about Christmas, already. This is pretty standard behavior for me. I've always loved Christmas time. And it's especially brilliant here in Germany. I've already visited two Christmas Markets and have many more scheduled to see this month. I'm sure they'll be wrap-ups and pictures to come. I decided earlier this week that I could not wait for Kevin to get home to put up the Christmas tree and other decorations. So I went down into the basement and lugged all of our gear up 3 flights of stairs. I thought it was all going pretty well. I was really satisfied with how my tree was turning out until I took a picture to post on Facebook and discovered it was uneven and wonky.

See for yourself.
It's ok to laugh. It's not really how I saw it turning out. But at this point I was all finished and was most definitely NOT going to be pulling all the ornaments, garland, and lights off and starting from scratch. So this will be posted up in my living room for the next month.

Please note, that I did leave the tree-topper (an angel) off because my husband requested that I not do it as he should be home VERY soon and wants to do it. So naturally I obliged him.

In other Christmas-related news. Has everyone visited Shutterfly, and ordered their Christmas cards? I wish I had already. But sadly, we didn't get any good pictures on R&R so I'm hoping for a good one at the Homecoming Ceremony and having Shutterfly address them and send em' out for me. Fingers crossed.

Share your favorite cards! I always need help narrowing my search!!


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Aw, I think it looks nice! It's cute that he wants to put the angel on!

Heather said...

Ugh totally teared up when I read that hubby will be home soon :) so happy for you. Wish I could have gotten to say goodbye to you. Please send me your address!