Thursday, December 1, 2011


I told you kind folks back on the 16th of November that I drank the Pinterest kool-aid and liked it. I got sucked into this fad amongst others (cough, cough: The Vampire Diaries, cough, cough). I originally gave Pinterest a go about a year ago but didn't care for it. Just didn't search for the "right" things I guess... so I didn't get it.  All the same, you can search for hair do's, anything and everything decor-related, if you need inspiration on anything in life it's there. Did I leave out recipes? Oh lawd, there are recipes galore!

So easy and delicious!
Chicken Pot Pies

Apple cups

Because who doesn't love anything you can make in a cupcake pan??

Had these over at a friends house:
Pumpkin Spice Latte

Good times.

I've also tried this:
Elegant/ Easy Hair

Some random stuff I'm eager to try:
DIY Cork wreath

Maybe from all of our European travel adventures?? I just might. :)

Holiday Hair

Lemon Chicken

Tyme-Baked Chicken

What's not to like??
And I didn't even link to any of the party foods I "pinned", or stuff for the future (cough, cough baby, cough, cough).
Just sayin' peeps. If you search for the "right" thing you'll be sucked in and never stop. I've been side-lined since arriving back to Germany but I have a feeling I'll back to "pinning" like a crazy person in the VERY near future!
Happy Pay Day all!! :D

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Becca said...

LOVE the holiday hairdo!