Tuesday, June 28, 2011


On Sunday I finished up classes I was taking with University of Phoenix. Ending these two classes also solidified the fact that I LOATH UoP! Yeah, you heard me. I know everyone else LOVES them but I LOATH them. They make everything hard-- in my experience. One example: when I was registered as a stateside student my Financial Advisor told me that the school had my Pell Grant funds and was working on having them certified (whatever that means) and I should receive disbursements after my next course. Yeah, that was evidently a gi-nor-mous LIE! When I re-registered in Germany my new FA told me that the school never had my funds because of an issue with paperwork. Oh and PS the 2010-2011 school year is coming to a close so I'd be lucky to have the funds instated in enough time to receive any kind of disbursement. Swell! There's 6 g's from the government I can just piss away-- down. the. proverbial. toilet.  This is just one example of all the issues I've had with University of Phoenix.

After I figure out what the deal is with my Pell situation and the hubs and I can get the Post 9-11 GI Bill business worked out (that process has left quite a bit to be desired as well) I'll be transferring to Ashford. Have you guys heard of them? Taken classes with them? What has your experience been? I'm looking forward to the change and getting back to only 5 week courses. I'm excited to change my major and getting focused! :) So, far my experience with Ashford has been great and they offer larger discounts than UoP. For active Duty and their spouses it's just $750/course. The book fees and everything else are waived. UoP I pay over $1000/course PLUS resource fees. No. Brainer!


TASS said...

I think I will switch to them as well. Where would you take your finals???? Where I am registered now, I have to go to their campus to take all my tests. Well, you know first hand that I cannot concentrate as is, let alone with a baby to tote around. Plus if I fail one of these classes, I can pay back 750 verses the 1500. ;)

Angie said...

So glad you get to be done with UoP!! I've had two friends transfer from them because they hated them too. Good luck with Ashford!!

Kate said...

So no UoP for me. lol.
I'm looking into online schools now, thanks for the heads up. I haven't heard much about Ashford though. Good luck! They can't be worse than UoP from what it sounds like.