Thursday, June 30, 2011

5 Reasons...

I wish I were in Germany:

1: R&R someplace exotic like Greece or Crete or the gorgeous shores of France or Italy. Can anyone else say Mediterranean Cruise?!

2: It's easier, and much more plausible to secure a job in a place that you actually live- I could have sworn I heard or read that someplace before.

3: Build my friendships. I met some weirdos in a few months in Germany. But I also met some pretty awesome ladies I can't wait to get back to.

4: Random trips: So far I missed trips to Edelweiss Lodge and Resort, MWR trips to Paris, scheduled trips to The Netherlands. One Easter Egg Festival and One Tulip Festival. And most tragically The Sound of Music tour. :(

5: I will have lost 8 months out of our allotted 36 in Europe (down to 28). Just gone- BAM. In fairness so did my husband. We'll make up for it right??

Color me sad. I'll be using this as motivation to thoroughly enjoy all the remaining months we're given in Germany!


TASS said...

AWE, Sammy....I too know what it is like to want to be somewhere else! However, I do not get the option of going overseas you lucky little minx! Love you and it will be over soon!

Anonymous said...

you should!! LOL
I am born and raised there and you guys can go so many nice and beautiful places while u r there!! Hope you will have an amazing time there!!

Mrs. B said...

enjoy your time here too! come visit me me more often!!!