Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bad News Bears

March 2nd has turned into one hell of a news day!

Two US service members were killed at the Frankfurt Airport. So many things swirling around. I currently have their families in my thoughts, but I can't help but wonder what effect, if any this'll have my own husband's impending departure to the middle east....?

Today the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Westboro Baptists'; upholding the ruling of appeals court that it violated their Constitutional (First Amendment) Rights to freedom of speech to prohibit their anti-homosexual (asinine) protests outside of funerals of US service members killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Read more here.

Personally, I have 2 issues (I know the mind rails, that I could only have 2 issues but for sake of time I've limited myself to 2):
First I should say the rationale behind these protests, including such signs:

is based upon the fact that God is punishing America for our support of the Homosexual lifestyle.
My issues:
1: If God hates the US (per your signs), and the soldier.... and we're all so immoral for allowing, supporting and otherwise furthering the homosexual lifestyle why don't you leave? Simple logic would show you're outnumbered. We're going to hell anyway. Why wouldn't you want to live your life surrounded by others just like you?
Exercise your Constitutionally protected right to to leave.

2: I'm confused why our freedom to free speech can be limited in movie theaters and airplanes but not under these circumstances. I'm wondering how many more times our military will be failed in these awful ways. I remember back to OIF 1 and the fact that I knew soldiers and Marines deployed without vests and how there wasn't enough water to drink and thinking if we were going to invade Iraq to avenge 9-11, secure weapons of mass destruction, topple Sadam's evil regime (I forget what the other reasons were...) shouldn't the men and women we send into do the job be properly supplied with bare essentials (water, body armor)? Now this?
We can tell people they can't yell "FIRE!" in a theater or "BOMB!" on an airplane, effectively limiting my right to free speech (not that I disagree with this premise) yet there isn't some loop hole or legalese to justify these nut cases not be allowed to protest at funerals!?

In more personal news, today marks the 1 year anniversary of my Grandfather's death. I remember this poem and I remember it helping me to feel better then. Today I thought of my Grampa smoking his cigars and shaking away as he prepared his Martini at the end of our family table and I smiled and was happy because I realized I'd always remember him this way.


Hannah said...

Exercise your Constitutionally protected right to to leave.

That is one of the best things I've heard all day. Thank you for sharing this with me. It disgusts me that people can have so much hate.

Especially towards people who are dying to protect their damn constitutional right.


Erin said...

I totally understand that they feel they have a right to spew hatred at funerals, but what gets me is that the original law suit had very little to do with freedom of speech! You have a right to be a jerk, that is true, but the law clearly states that I also have a right to sue you for everything you have should your actions (such as spewing horrible hateful things at me during my child's funeral) cause me emotional distress or harm in anyway. And that is what the parents sued for, and they should have won! You want to be an ass, by all means, be one, but I will not hesitate to use the same laws that you use to protect your right be be a jerk, to sue the pants off of you when you cause me harm.

When people said crappy things to me during my deployment, all I could think was, "My husband is laying his life on the line to protect your right to be an asshole (pardon my french)." And that is what these horrible people are failing to understand. And I agree, if they hate America so much, and think we are being smited by God, then leave! Go to a country you think is in Gods good grace. The rest of us will live here happily without you.

PS. Sorry about your grandfather. It's so hard to lose a loved one. I hope you can take comfort today in all of the wonderful memories you have of him.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I'm all about the right to free speech but I think the people who show up at funerals holding signs like those are HORRIBLE human beings. I bet if one of them died, their families wouldn't want someone showing up to their funeral holding a big sign, spewing HATE

SCH said...

My sister and I did some more research on the crazy train church members... They really are crazy.

The "church" is mostly the pastors family and he also hates Jews, Obama and a long list of other people. If I remember correctly they're not even classified as a church but as a hate group.

I just hope they realize the very people whose funerals they are protesting are the ones who make their insane agenda picketing possible.

I like your position on this issue very much : )

TASS said...

I miss Grandpa "P" :(

On a side note- You know where I stand with the gays in the military. Regardless, they/we Meaning (USA) shouldn't be ostracized for them fighting for our country. If that is what they want then let it be! I certainly have no desire to fight for the worthless pieces of crap meaning (protesters)that unfortunately are able to breathe every day while many of our military men/woman lay to rest! To sum it up....... F%*&^&*^T^&%$^%$^%$^%$^&%$^%$ OFF!!!!!!!!! To them of course ;)

KelleeLyn said...

I completely agree with you about both your points. I very rarely post on my blog or facebook about political things simply because I don't like arguing with people, not because I don't have an opinion. But I posted a link to the article about the supreme court handing out this decision and I was mortified about the comments I got like "Well, freedom of speech is freedom of speech" etc.

They don't have husbands who go to war for those freedoms. UGH...

very well put!