Tuesday, December 21, 2010

White Christmas

OK, so I attempted to post our 5-day weather forecast as well as the above photo. Alas, it didn't work. Since we arrived in Germany the amount of snow on the ground has doubled! The day before we landed in Frankfurt, they had to close the airport for a few hours, due to the weather- that's saying something, considering folks in this neck of the woods are used to the snow! All the same, there's anywhere from 3-4 feet on the ground. 
Over the course of the next five days the temperature will not reach 40 degrees (f) and a snow/rain mixture is 60% likely (or more) each day. Hello, White Christmas. 

I have to say that in all my years (I'm so dramatic, aren't I? As if, I am so old, haha) in Colorado we very rarely had White Christmases. Yes, it's Colorado and one would assume, Mountains=snow. Well, not all of Colorado is covered with the beautiful Rocky Mountains... a good chunk is honestly plains. My point is that I finally have a white christmas looming and it's very bitter sweet. 
First, I'm so blessed to just have Kevin home with me and that him and I are together for this Christmas. However, we're halfway around the world from all of our family, we have none of our belongings, no real options for making a nice meal, no decorations. 
So while I'm looking forward to celebrating with Cup O Noodles, a game of cards and a lot of webcamming with the families! 


Angie said...

Aww!! I'm so jealous you're getting a White Christmas because it's looking like I will not. And we'll also be joining in the webcamming with the family. Gotta love technology!! I'm sure you guys will still enjoy the holidays though and we all miss you back here in the states!

jenn said...

i've been thinking about you two!
this will be a christmas you will never forget!
i hope you and kevin make some great memories to share with your kiddos one day!!!

Merry Christmas and enjoy that snow =)

hmb said...

Hope you are enjoying your snow! We have our fair share up here, too :)