Thursday, December 30, 2010

A lil' o' this... n' that.

New Years Eve is tomorrow (true story: I honestly had to double check..) and I've been catching up on my blog reading from over the last few days (yes, I've actually been busy... but we'll get to all that). Everyone's been blogging about post-Christmas craziness, or their Fav's from 2010 (everything from TV show's to pictures to books), or what they hope for out of the fresh start the new year brings. I'm a huge list maker. I don't venture out of the house to buy more than 1 or 2 things without a list, something would surely be forgotten and I'd have to go back, and who has the time for multiple trips to the store... that's just crazy talk. I've seen a few ladies out here in Bloggy-Land recapping their lists from 2010 (what happened, what didn't, what turned out to be an epic fail). I'm starting to ponder this idea. Keep you're eyes out for that. I like that it's not a resolution to lose 10 lbs, it's more of a bucket list for the year... and I dig it.

I know I missed Wednesday but I've been busy (I'll recap what I've been doing next) I have to let everyone know I desperately WANT a massage! My back has been killing me. Either my boobs are getting bigger (Lord help me) or this bed has really taken it's toll on me. Either way... the back is aching.

Monday, I went with the girls down to the gym- we were ready for a Volleyball throw down! Sadly, no one showed. You see what had happened was, the ladies' husbands failed to register for the tournament in time to play and the other two teams that did take the time to register felt like they had better things to do- and didn't show. That makes us the undefeated-first place champs! HA... We showed up an hour early at 1 to practice and wound up staying until 4.... I hurt afterwards (could have something to do with the back pain huh? But that was 3 days ago... Anywho. Fast forward a day (Tuesday) a new couple we like took pity on us. We squished into the car and jumped on the Autobahn and headed over to Ramstein. The Autobahn out here where we are isn't too crowded- we're in the middle of no-wheres-ville, but it was still an experience driving 120MPH and it being legal. eeeek. Ramstein has the biggest PX (pardon me, "Exchange") in the world! It's a mall- straight up. Last week I told you all I wanted the Jack WolfSkin Ontario Parka in Black.. they had it at in Ramstein. No I didn't get it. I have a perfectly suitable winter coat. :( I still want it though. It's something to be excited over when our "exchange" here is the smallest I've ever seen and the Commissary only has 6 registers. We had Chili's for dinner and headed back in the snow... we made it back and all in all had a great time with our newest homies.

Today I'm off to schedule my hair appointment, take my USAREUR drivers license test (wish me luck), and get our application submitted for our travel passports. Do you know thanks to RyanAir the hubs and I could have flown to Dublin (Ireland!!) on this 4-day weekend for 127 Euro total, no each (round trip)?? Yes, we'll be getting our Passports ASAP!

Happy Thursday All.


Krystal Sandoval said...

Good luck on your test! I cannot believe 2010 is finally coming to an end! Hope you have a wonderful Thursday- I love your blog!


hmb said...

Ryanair is so cheap!! I dream of living abroad :)

Hannah said...

RyanAir, MartinAir, EasyJet - they're all AMAZING! Just watch out, they usually fly out of remote airports and charge for everything. If you're good at packing light and love to last minute travel - they're the best!!

I've heard wonderful things about Ramstein's PX (they'll always be a PX to me) so I'm glad to hear that it was a wonderful experience for you!!

Oh and I LOVE the Autobahn! So cool you got to go so fast. Good luck on your test so you can drive on it soon :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Good luck on your driving test!