Sunday, December 26, 2010

Volleyball and Surprises

I bet you didn't know that I played volleyball in Middle School, once upon a time I was actually pretty good. Betsey suckered asked me to play with her and some other wives from her husband's company (completely different unit from Kevin) are playing in a double elimination tournament tomorrow. I really thought it'd just be good ol' times, with a general goal of getting the ball back over the net. Well, I come to find out that these girlies will be playing against their husbands, so their all rather revved up over the idea of kickin' the boys' asses which makes for more competitive play. It's ok, even though it's not what I expected I'm still really enjoying myself. I'm trying to convince the other girls that we should start a team and play ever Sunday. So far they seem interested.

I love how people surprise you. I've been blessed since arriving in Germany. Blessed with perspective. Friendships that I've cherished for a long while have faded, people don't make an effort. While others who I have to admit, I honestly had lower expectations from, have made the effort and come through in times I would have never thought. I always say when it comes to relationships you should really lower your expectations or try not to have them at all because if you don't expect anything (or much) from people they can't let you down. It's easier to maintain relationships when you don't weigh them down with expectations.

Looking forward, the countdown is on for our apartment! Spoke to housing last week and they said it should be ready "on or about 25 Jan." I'm trying to optimistic about the 30th, seeing as how they originally told Kevin our place wouldn't be ready until 1 Feb. T-minus 37 days, AND COUNTING!!! Our household and Unaccompanied goods have both arrived, which is great news: means when we get our house we'll also have all of our own things and not crapola from they let you rent from the Lending Closet on post.


Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Yay!!! Oh I hope you get a surprise and get it sooner!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Yay! That's great that your stuff has already arrived!

Heather Bailey said...

Hey! Nope, that's Heidelberg! I have been there so many times! It's not too far from you guys! It's an amazing little town! There's a huge castle there, river cruises, great food. Take a day trip there!