Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Want it Wednesday...

Just heads up this is going to be a bitchy version of I want it Wednesday. Feel free to stop reading now if you'd like, I promise, I won't be offended.

I want... to know why the miners that found themselves trapped in Chile are "heros"? I'm not seeing what part of their ordeal makes them heroic? Don't get me wrong, my heart goes out to them and their families. I think that they've come through quite the ordeal and I'm so glad and grateful to hear the news reporting that so far everyone is doing well according to the Minister of Health. There are concerns of long-term effects such as claustrophobia, nightmares and anxiety which they'll have to keep an eye out for. But I still don't see how any of this makes them Heros?

PS: the guy who invited his mistress is hilarious!

I want... to know WHY my passport was processed wrong. It was received back on post today but it's wrong-o. It's supposed to be Blue but it's NOT. Swell. We'll find out soon what has to be done to get a new one. I hope it'll be rectified in a timely fashion so that I can still travel with Kevin on-schedule.

I want... some juice. I'm thirsty.

I really want... to have a house when we get to Germany so that we'll be able to celebrate Christmas and New Years like semi-normal people.

I want... my husband to stop being effin-cranky! I'm tired of it.

sorry for today's cranky edition of I Want it Wednesday.... it is what it is. 


lola said...

Aw! I want you to have a house there too! :)

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

I think that what people are refering to is the job that they do in the first place makes them heroic. Just as in other jobs- the huge risk to personal health and safety to provide a service to the population that very few people want to do is what makes them heroic.

Those that got them out are the heros of the rescue but - just as back in the state a few years ago when the miners were trapped but many did not make it. Miners provide a service and do so at great risk to themselves.

I do not know but I think that is heroic.

Mrs. Tass said...

LMAO...I didn't think you were bitchy at all. And FYI- they are not hero's..they did not save anybody or cure world hunger so NEGATIVE!!! They are just brave people who lived through a traumatic experience.

Tricia said...

Hey, sorry this has nothing to do with your post! My friend sent me yout blog link and said your moving to Germany...well, we're moving from Germany to Ft. Carson in December. She said you might have a house to rent. We want to live on post but not too sure of wait times. If you can e-mail me some info about the house, my e-mail is


Christy said...

Hate to break it to you but since you're moving to Baumholder and your husband is an E6 or below you will NOT be allowed to live off post or in a house, but you will be living in an apartment aka stairwell. Most are nice and roomy, though. We were stationed there years ago and the off post thing is an order that General Ham (who's the General over all of Europe) put out. We live in Germany as well, but another post in Bavaria.

Samantha the ArmyWife said...

I just still don't get it. They mine copper and gold... it's a tough job that requires hard work but don't see how that's heroic; not by any definition I know of. Whatevs. All the same i'm happy they're out safe now.

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

How fun!

We didn't hear from our sponsor until about a week before our arrival date and even that was due to my husband calling everyone he could and finally tracking down the squadron commander.