Friday, October 22, 2010

The Haps...

Hold on to your panties ladies... there's been a lot going on and there's only more to come!!
Things I've accomplished recently:
Picked up my previously received incorrect, but now fixed passport on Post.
Finalized our flights with the Travel Agency on post.
Took Brody to the Vet for his Health Certificate so he can fly next Thursday.
Baked my first homemade apple pie! I <3 HMB! it was so simple and delicious!
Pick up Kevin's Class A pants at the tailor, dropped his pants and jacket off at the dry cleaners.
Went to 9 stores and found a dress for my FIL's award dinner next week in San Diego. I was going to show you the picture but.... can't find it online. boo.
I've dealt with two banks (unsuccessfully) to get the car we can't take with us squared away... nada. Tomorrow I speak to the folks at Army Emergency Relief Fund (AER) to see if there's anything they can do to help. Keep your fingers crossed!

In other news, because it's nothing I personally accomplished our property manager has yet to rent our house, she's going to be told to kick rocks ASAP. On the other hand a couple who is interested in purchasing our home is looking at it for the second time tonight! I'm really hoping they go for it! That is still the ideal solution for us... I, truly and honestly have no desire to be a landlord.
Go check out Lola's bloggy for your choices in this month's edition of L+S's Cupcake club! They're great choices people! Get to it and you'll be linking up by the 30th on Lola's blog this month and until I've gotten settled in Germany.

Coming up I have to:
Pick up Kevin's Class A's at the dry cleaner.
Clean the house and laundry.
UFC this weekend.
Pick up bolts for Brody's Kennel- so it's airline friendly.
We head to San Diego EARLY next Thursday, a week from today.
Complete paperwork for the house- in the event it should sale.
Mow the lawn.
Bake another Apple Pie-- My mother wants some now! haa
Finish a book and start a new one!

I think that's it. Jeeesh I'm exhausted just thinking about it but I'm thankful for the momentum.


Expat Girl said...

Thats a lotttttt, good luck with it all!

Mrs. B said...

I'm so glad that in all your busyness you made time for Target and coffee yesterday!

I left something for you on my blog!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

That is a ton! Oh I hope they buy it! That would be so awesome for you guys!

JMO said...

It looks like you've done a lot though!