Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I have questions

So I have some questions, for anyone who may have helpful information. I'm wondering how the world works without Wal-mart. Seriously, do I buy everything I need, from towels to ground beef, string cheese to contact solution, and tooth brush heads to toilet brush and other groceries at the Commissary and PX? Where do I get contacts? Why do I suck so bad at the Twitter- I'm a horrible tweeter. I have the app on my iPhone I should be connected at all times. But lord.... I suck. But is it worse to Tweet about things no one cares about or to not tweet at all?

In other news, we found a renter for our house. This is a huge load off but not what I was holding out for. I really wanted someone to buy our house so that I didn't have to ever worry about it again. All the same, this is a great outcome and we're so excited to have that off our backs.

I also must say I really do not enjoy living in a battle-ground state this election season... these political commercials are really working my nerves. I'd venture to say about 15% of what's on there is truthful and the other 85% is all complete BS! I'm sick of it.. .and the way this is going I'm happy that I'll be living in another country after this election.


Allison @ I heart Change said...

I don't shop at Walmart at all and it works well. I know you're headed overseas but I'd think it wouldn't be too different. PX and Commissary should have most of your stuff. Contacts can be ordered from your eye doctor or online. You won't even have to get out of your PJs to get them!

And I suck at twitter too. You're not alone!

Bonnie said...

Germany has some of the best super markets... and a lot of time the fruits and veggies are fresher then what you'll find at the commissary. Depending on where you move to, there might be a "meat market" close to where you live. I know the PX where I am has an eye glass store. You get one *free* eye exam per year here, and the dentist is free on post if you can get in (where I am they won't see spouses until the guys are out in the field or deployed because this is such a small post).

And there is a german store called the "Real-" that is like a wal-mart.

hmb said...

I don't understand Twitter!!!

I'm glad you found a renter!