Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Want it Wednesday...

I want wanted... an Iphone.
But, I no longer want the iphone thanks to the fact that AT&T canceled their unlimited data plans. 
They are now charging $25 per month for only 2 gigabytes!

I want...
a backyard make-over, courtesy of HGTV.

I want...
to move.
I have serious ants in my pants! 
I'm thinking something along the lines of Ft. Lewis or anywhere in Europe.
(because, you know, the Army really gives a crap about what I want or where I wanna live)

I want...
to have the front windows in my SUV re-tinted. 
We've all heard not to use Windex on tinted windows, well I've done it before and had no problem. Well, when I did it on my car it caused a problem. It literally ate the tint off the window. There are dots here and dots there, in the spray pattern (from where the Windex hit the window) of no tint!
So that needs to be rectified!

I want...
to pay down the debt. Doesn't everyone? Thank goodness the job will really help with that whole goal.

I (still) want...
an MacBook!

I guess that's enough or this Wednesday.
So today was my first day back to working (full-time) and I'm absolutely exhausted don't even have the energy read all your updates from today. I promise I'll check up ASAP. 

Happy Hump Day All. 


Anonymous said...

I have a theory about the Army and how it decides our duty locations. When the Army Powers-That-Be hear you say, "Gee. Fort Lewis would be awesome." The Powers-That-Be think it would be funny to send you to Fort Polk. So, my advice is to not let them know you want an awesome duty station. They can't have people being happy! =)

Megan Renee. said...

I'll switch ya! We're at Fort Lewis right now and I'd pick anywhere else in the world to be!