Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Want it Wednesday...

I want...
to know when name-calling became commonplace in Washington? 
Maybe it's always been there? Maybe I've just began to pay enough attention to notice it?
Seriously GOP... nothing better to do than call names. Where-o-where are the facts? 
just curious, I simply Want to know.

I want...
to thank Jessica, from The (Mis)Adventures of an Army Wife for my latest award:
Upon receiving this award, I am to share 7 things about myself and then pass it on to some other fantabulous bloggers.
1) I have a total of 6 tru-blu, honest to goodness friends in life right now. 
The majority of which live in another state. 
(shocking isn't it?)
2) I love the smell of Garlic, fresh rain and gasoline. 
3) I love to clean because I can see immediate results; makes me feel successful.
4) I already have baby names picked out. So far I only truly love the ones for boys, yet I feel in my soul I'll have girls...
what's that all about?
5) I've never had a broke bone.
*knock on wood*
6) I sorta think blogger awards are lame, yet love the recognition.
I'm a walking, talking contradiction. 
What else is new.
7) I just discovered Thomas Dekker 2 days ago, via My Sisters Keeper.
I've been missin' out. He's hot. Yet can be so unattractive. Strange.

I'll pass this award onto:
(1) My Bestie-McBestie, Amanda.
Haha... I popped your Bloggy-award cherry!! 
(2) Krista
(3) Amy

I want...
I blog make-over and signature. 
For Free, you know because I'm broke (and jobless). 

I want...
to meet a celebrity. 
(preferably a HOT one, that will adopt or employ me)
I've never done that before. 
(by "that" I mean, met a celebrity)
Have you? 
Share your story! 


Erin said...

When you say celebrity I know you really want to meet RPatz!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Who is that guy?? I've never seen him before! Well if it makes you feel better, even though I met Evan, I don't think he's cute.

Paula said...

I agree, I think most politicians (both D's and R's) could use a lesson in "how to speak respectfully" . ihope I am counted in your 6 "tru-blu's". As far as meeting celeb's, I have met a few and find them to be just normal. Neal and I met Henry Winkler and his wife a few years ago at the Ritz in Santa Barbara and spent a few hours just chatting with them on the patio.

Loving Wife said...

I love your 7 items! I am completely new to your blog and thought I would say Hi!

I met Christopher Reeve a few years before his accident, his family stayed at my house during a riding competition down the road and my sister babysat for them while they were busy. He was a really nice guy and Dana was really sweet.

Politicians need to stop name calling and pointing fingers, figure it out and work together for a common goal people!

Susan said...

What an enjoyable blog. Thank you for letting me visit.