Sunday, January 17, 2010

Final Day to Enter Giveaway

Today is the final day to enter my giveaway for your very own Sony Touch Reader:

Find the Rules and enter here:
I know a couple of my favorite girlies haven't entered yet! I also know they'd love this. I will be picking a winner (well will actually be doing it) first thing tomorrow and I'll post ASAP who he/she is!


So I started reading The Shack (as previously reported) and I'm really questioning why....
This book is a Best Seller. I know. Everyone knows. But really I'm just thinking it's about all of the darkest and ugliest things a father/parent/person can possibly go through. Why do I want that when I read?
Do you know anyone who's started this book- and NOT finished it?
Would I be the first?
Should I just finish it and in the end it'd all come together for me???


Kayla Sue said...

I started it, and didn't finish.
But...not necessarily because I didn't like it.
The beginning is the worst gets better.

Fox Family said...

I would finish it... I personally have not read it, but the Hubs has, and swears by it. He can be a bit hard to impress as well! Plus, I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on it!

redheadchick said...

I still have not read it but I know my parent's church read it together as a congregation during a sermon series. I heard it was very interesting.