Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Want it Wednesday...

I want... Halloween to have come and gone already! Refer to yesterday's post!


I want... my bod to work itself out, so that I don't actually have to do anything. Hmm, maybe I should get those EasyTone shoes? teehee

I want... this office manager position that I am being considered for with SRC! I think it would be a great opportunity for me. SRC is a Government contractor on Peterson AFB (as well as, all over) so if and when Kevin PCS's I'll be able to if not transfer to another location with them but take my new knowledge to any other installation! I'm stoked about it. I'm hoping it works out. I WANT IT!

I want... for people who claim to be my friend, miss me, love me to actually be there for me, miss me and love me. Prove it *bitches! If you aren't going to be a tru-blu, honest-to-god friend to me then take your BS, your games and your meaningless forwarded text (about how great our supposed/non-existant friendship is) messages and be out. I'd rather stay out home and play with my husband than waste my time on people who are flaky and could care less about me and mine. DUCES!

I want... make that NEED to shower. Got back from the gym... I should really, re-prioritize my life. Shower before blogging.


In other news:

These ladies: Hil and Lauren (who, ever since The Hill's came back on I want to call "L" for some reason) sucked me into the non-sense! What Non-sense you ask? Well, I'll tell you! They are involving themselves in this evil "to blog, is to run" state-of-mind going around. Really, they are just taking care of themselves; setting goals and doing what they can to reach them. We like to call it: From the Couch to 5k. Basically, it's a 9-week plan that teaches one to run- without killing ones self. I dig it. Really, what happened is Hilary DARED me to do it. She said "No Excuses". Aight... I got your "No Excuses"... ugh huh. WATCH ME RUN. RUN LIKE THE WIND! Wooo.

You see what had happened was: While the hubs was gone (making sand castles in the dessert) I lost 20 lbs. Since he's been back, I've gained 12 back :( (woah, is me!) and been REALLY slackin' on my gym attendance. Prior to the slacking, my routine needed some spicing up anyway so I figured I'd give this a whirl. So far... so good! :)
Disclaimer: just as I refer to babies as "spawn" I often, lovingly refer to my friends (both male and female) as "bitches". Please refrain from being offended. I didn't mean it. Love. Love. Love.


jenn said...

you make me smile :o)

thank you girl!!

Lauren B. said...

i was reading this out loud to hil and was laughing so hard that i almost couldn't read it! bahahaha! i hate running as much as the next person, but i am determined to be better than aaron. i just hope it sticks.

and you can call me "L" anytime you want...hil calls me "LB."

high heels said...

Keep with it!! We shall run the turkey trot and finish holding hands.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I haven't ran at all in months. I think I'm slowly reverting back lol. I hope you get that job!