Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend in Review

Kevin and I took the old-yucky-cafeteria-style light. Sadly there was a pretty descent sized hole underneath it. BOO, for ugly style lights! :( So Kevin went to work {attempting} to patch it. 9 hours later, Kevin was back at Lowes purchasing a patch-kit-thingy. This worked but took the remainder of the night to dry.

I spent the morning putting together homemade soup! It was another gloomy-guss kind of day! Soup of was perfect! My sis and Nephew came over to hang out. After the soup was "thrown together" and getting all yummy in the crock pot we headed out to the mall -- leaving Kev at home to hang shelves (which went fairly smoothly, and look fantastic) and the new light fixture (didn't go so well)!

Later, we sat down to my YUMMY soup. I was so happy that it turned out so good. It was the first time that I'd made it from scratch all. by. my. self! Since we were waiting for the ceiling in the kitchen to dry Kevin and I went to the mall for pedicures! Both of our feet were in desperate need of some attention. You see, I claim to be a good wife but even after a year in the desert in stinky combat boots I refuse (yes, I said "refuse) to rub my husband's feet! That's where I draw my line; foot massages. Yuck. I do, on the other hand, enjoy a good foot rub from my hubs. Yes- I'm hypocritical and unfair, get over it. I like my feet rubbed like every other broad on the planet! Moving on, Pedi's were great!

The ceiling was dry. Light-hanging commenced. At this point we were both exhausted and pissed off. Kevin had spent the majority of Saturday on a latter, and I was being overrun by OCD and desperately wanted my house/kitchen back!!!! Anyway we were finally successful and we now have a new-more-prettier light in our kitchen! Yeay! :)

With the light hung in the kitchen, I spent a good chuck of the morning cleaning like a crazy person! This brings me a ton of happiness! Later in the afternoon Kevin and I went to a friend's daughter's ice skating competition where she took 3rd!! She's adorable.

After all of that excitement we journeyed up to Target and picked up a few things: (!!!)
{Sunbeam- We love your affordability and that you're black, which means you match my appliances}

{Something about cupcakes makes me happy!}

{FINALLY! Target, you had my organizer! I got TWO!}

All of this means, my husband is AMAZING! The mixer and cookbook are my anniversary presents! Some may think that's sexist or something, but really it's what I wanted (obviously, see last week's I Want it Wednesday!), so I'm a happy girl! Speaking of anniversary-- our two year is TOMORROW! I can't believe it. It just feels like it's been 5 minutes since we got married instead of two YEARS!

With one vacation down (NJ), we're headed to Oregon tomorrow! Can't wait to get away! Wooo


Steph said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Lauren B. said...

happy anniversary and have a safe and fun trip!

ps which target did you get that at? because since you showed it to me, i have been looking for one as well!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a great time on vacation number two!!! You'll love that cupcake cook book!